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Top BI and data
trends for 2021

When BI meets finance and other data trends

Cross-check these trends with what you’re doing and can do with your data 

The mega trend in the business intelligence world  is the application of data analytics to the finance function, resulting in a significant increase in value-adds provided across a business.

In this eBook, we outline all the exciting advancements in finance as well as provide our tips on how data is impacting other parts of the business. There has been a shift in attitude towards digital transformation and the necessity to have robust data visibility. There is no going back, and the pace of adoption is accelerating. 

Find out all about the 9 BI and data trends now:

  1. Integrated budgeting tools and high-frequency what-if analysis 
  2. Financial performance at the heart of an organization 
  3. Visualizations for actionable insights 
  4. Automation of financial trends 
  5. Ubiquitous decision-making and data access 
  6. Digital transformation must be in your plan 
  7. Blending BI with AI
  8. E-commerce rises again 
  9. The future is still in the clouds  

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