In this blog, we explain why we have the ability and understanding to deliver true business intelligence to healthcare companies across the UK & Europe.

Healthcare in the EU and globally is becoming more complex. Decentralisation of care, third party services and centralised purchasing models like the NHS (UK), UniHA and AGEPS (France) make supply chain management tough. Since 1999, we’ve been working with the healthcare and medical industry to deliver easy-to-use, results-driven business intelligence (BI).

Phocas business intelligence is designed to support medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical, dental, optical, laboratory and scientific and veterinary businesses. Here are some typical issues we’ve solved based on customer feedback:

  • internal analysts/specialists are now free from reporting duties
  • staff can easily create their own queries and instant reports
  • combine and analyse data from many different sources (ERP, CRM, databases, spreadsheets)
  • track government product licensing obligations for compliance
  • analyse tenders to find profitable price points for products
  • make the consortia group-buying process transparent and accessible
  • inventory control to manage stock shelf life according to demand
  • capture and track batches effectively for accurate, compliant deliveries
  • cross-check sales by region, location, item, sales representative
  • manage and measure the impact of online sales

Phocas allows you to follow a train of thought to query data in different ways so you can make intelligent decisions. We make your live business data accessible. Our customers want to easily create and revise interactive dashboards and scorecards that they can share and delegate tasks based on what they find. We give you the full facts so you can make data driven decisions.

Phocas makes you proactive and productive. In just 30 minutes you can go from a beginner to an intermediate user with minimal training.

Phocas is out of the box, up and running at implementation and user uptake is fast because Phocas looks familiar to them.

We’ve also been ranked #1 in the world’s largest business intelligence software review, BARC BI 2014 and BARC BI 2015Users in the health and medical industry ranked us as the best in topics including the below:

  • business benefits reporting
  • project success reporting
  • employee statistics reporting
  • fast implementation times
  • fast and wide user uptake
  • visual discovery  ̶  excellent pie charts, bar graphs, geospatial maps
  • Cloud BI credentials
  • mobile capability  ̶  execs, managers & sales have full data interrogation at meetings, conferences, trade show access from an ipad, smartphones etc

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