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    The global healthcare supply chain is complex. Decentralisation of care, third party services and centralised purchasing models make supply chain management harder. With a surge in demand for PPE and other medical products during the pandemic - medical device and equipment suppliers are looking for new ways to drive efficiencies with data and better manage inventory. 

    Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the health care supply chain remains strained due to the high demand for personal protective equipment (PPE)  nd other medical and health products. While sourcing PPE remains a challenge for many health care supply chain professionals, co-ordination within the health care providers has improved, resulting in strategic partnerships and the hospitals looking for local and trusted suppliers

    Phocas business intelligence is designed to support medical and healthcare suppliers.  Here are some typical issues we’ve solved based on customer feedback:

    • internal analysts/specialists are now free from reporting duties
    • staff can easily create their own queries and instant reports
    • combine and analyse data from many different sources (ERP, CRM, databases, spreadsheets)
    • track government product licensing obligations for compliance
    • analyze tenders to find profitable price points for products
    • make the group-buying process transparent and accessible
    • inventory control to manage stock shelf life according to demand
    • capture and track batches effectively for accurate, compliant deliveries
    • cross-check sales by region, location, item, sales representative
    • manage and measure the impact of online sales

    Phocas allows people to drill into top level data sets and query data in different ways so people can see the stock situation or up-to-date sales of particular products. Phocas make live business data accessible. Our customers want to easily create and revise interactive dashboards and scorecards that they can share and delegate tasks based on what they find. 

    Safeaid Supplies is a manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment based in Portsmouth, England. The company started out of a garage in 1976 and has grown to include 20 employees who service the entire country with guaranteed next day delivery. Safeaid prides itself in providing responsive, first-class customer service. In fact, over the past 12 months, 97 percent of customers said they would recommend Safeaid to a friend or colleague.

    “We were struggling to manage our business as it grew with our existing software,” said Barry Taylor, Safeaid’s Operations Manager. “At Safeaid, we are all about efficiency - always striving to get the most from our resources and maximise how we manage our customers. We had a lot of leakage, and it was clear that we were being more reactive than proactive.”

    Phocas is an out-of-the-box solution, with built in content, dashboards and metrics that is made for supply chain professionals. 

    To learn more about driving efficiencies within your medical device or health care supply business, click here to download your copy of the Medical devices eBook.

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