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    Phocas BI vs Tableau Software (based on ratings from BARC's The BI Survey 17)

    More than 3,000 business intelligence software users shared their experience with 42 BI solutions in The BI Survey 17, the world’s largest business intelligence user survey.

    Survey respondents were asked to rate the BI software they are most familiar with across 29 different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Given the number of vendors and respondents, The BI Survey 17 is a trustworthy and objective resource to help measure an application’s strengths, and help you determine what BI solution is right for your business.

    Among the solutions reviewed in the survey was Tableau, one of the more recognizable brands in the industry. In a head-to-head comparative analysis between Phocas and Tableau, Phocas outperformed Tableau in a variety of different KPI categories. The following blog reviews three of these KPIs, including business benefits, competitive win rate and mobile BI. For a more comprehensive analysis, download the in-depth overview by clicking the image below.


    Business Benefits

    Phocas has performed well in the Business Benefit KPI for the past seven years. This KPI is based on the achievement level of a variety of business benefits. For the survey, BARC asks users to “judge project benefits based on real measurements the company has made.” Respondents evaluated BI software based on the following benefits:

    • Better business decisions 
    • Faster reporting, analysis or planning 
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Improved data quality 
    • Improved employee satisfaction 
    • Increased revenues 
    • More accurate reporting, analysis or planning 
    • Reduced costs (IT or non-IT)
    • Saved headcount (in business departments and IT)
    • Improved operational efficiency 
    • Increased competitive advantage 

    In this KPI, Phocas scored a perfect 10 out of 10 while Tableau scored a five. The reason this score is so important according to BARC is “BI projects are optional, not mandatory, so they must pay their way in terms of delivering business benefits.”

    Regarding Phocas' performance over the past several years for this KPI, BARC wrote:

    “This consistency suggests a robust and mature platform and years of experience in particular industries. Perfection in this KPI is telling of Phocas’ commitment to helping customers improve data quality, make better decisions, get reports faster, increase revenues and reduce costs.”

    Competitive Win Rate

    What we know, and what The BI Survey 17 confirmed, is that Phocas wins frequently when it is evaluated against its competitors. Among data discovery-focused products, Phocas is the top-ranked product, and when compared to Tableau, wins over two times more often (Win rate Phocas = 73%, Tableau = 33%). In this KPI, which is based on the percentage of wins in competitive evaluations, Phocas scored a 6.9 while Tableau scored a 1.9.

    Among the reasons why Phocas wins is our focus on key industries, including manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail. While our BI solution can benefit other industries, we have built our business on meeting the needs of our core customers.

    From BARC’s Viewpoint, “This gives the vendor a deep understanding of its customers’ needs and an advantage over most other products that are typically designed as a universal tool.” BARC further commented, “ Phocas has a strikingly effective offering for its core market, where customers give it an almost perfect score in the ‘Business value’ and ‘Customer satisfaction’ KPIs.”

    Once our customers select Phocas, their choice is quickly validated. 

    Scott Groleau, VP of sales for ABCO Refrigeration Supply Corp, said, “Phocas has been the greatest software we have ever implemented. The amount of time saved and efficiency gained has been enormous. I would recommend this software to any business.

    Scott Howell, CEO of Go Vita, added, “It is by far the best BI tool I've used in my career. The ease of use for all employees is a major drawcard, and the analytical ability of the program. Implementation is quick and cost effective.


    Mobile BI

    The Mobile BI KPI is a measure of how many survey respondents are using the BI solution on their mobile devices. While mobile BI technology has been available for a while, it is still gaining traction, and in some cases, vendors have yet to deploy a true mobile version of their software.

    According to BARC, mobile BI is a big trend because it “gives decision-makers access to critical enterprise data and insights from their devices, regardless of where they are working or traveling.” For this KPI, Phocas received a rating of 9.2, more than double Tableau’s 4.4 rating.

    Phocas has always focused on creating a BI solution that is accessible for the mobile workforce. In BARC’s analysis of Phocas, the research group wrote, “The popular mobile version of Phocas offers the same functionality as the web client and, although suited mainly for tablets, dashboard tiles can be viewed on smartphones. From the beginning, the product has been developed entirely on HTML5.”

    Mobile technology has become critical for business users, and Phocas has maintained consistently high ratings in The BI Survey since offering mobile compatibility. In the 2017 BARC survey, Phocas ranks as a leader in Mobile BI KPI in part because “Users can navigate to the same web page they typically go to on a desktop and begin using Phocas, making deployment straightforward. “

    Our customers frequently tell us how important Phocas has become for people on the road. For example, Gary Dillon, Operations Manager for AMARCO distributors of DMK skincare, said, “In addition to needing mobile data access we sought a solution that would allow us to make variations to reports independently saving us time and money. Phocas is brilliant and takes advantage of all the latest technology. We can quickly set up templates, and our data is available on the fly. It is exactly what we needed for our account ”

    For a more comprehensive review of how Phocas compared to Tableau in The BI Survey 17, download your overview by clicking the image below.



    Written by Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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