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    Phocas BI vs. Qlik Sense (based on ratings in BARC's The BI Survey 17)

    Among the software frequently compared against Phocas in head-to-head competitive bids is Qlik Sense.

    When BARC Research conducted its annual survey of business intelligence (BI) software users, once again, Phocas and Qlik Sense were listed as commonly used applications. The BI Survey 17 is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of its kind. In 2017, 3,066 people responded to the survey answering questions about 42 different BI products across 29 different categories. When the dust settled, Phocas finished on top of 24 categories among its peer groups, including business value, customer satisfaction, vendor support and recommendation.

    In this blog, we will compare how Phocas and Qlik Sense performed against each other in three categories. We wrote a similar post last year about The BI Survey 16 in which Phocas was the top ranked software in 16 out of 24 categories among its peer groups.  This year, we will briefly analyze how the two applications performed against each other in project success, vendor support and competitive win rate.

    For a more comprehensive head-to-head highlights report, click the image below:



    KPI 1 - Project Success

    The Project Success KPI is a combination of three measures: the level of satisfaction with implementations, and the frequency with which projects are completed on time and on budget. 
The KPI is important according to BARC because initial BI project success “can have a great bearing on the business benefits achieved over time.” In previous BI Surveys, BARC noted that when projects take longer, they are more costly, deliver fewer benefits and lead to more problems. In other words, “speed with which a product is implemented can be crucial.” For this KPI, Phocas received a perfect score of 10.0 while Qlik Sense received a 7.4.

    We understand that time is critical today. The faster that our customers can get access to their data and the easier the data is to use and analyze, the faster they can find answers to question and turn data into opportunity. We built Phocas to be used by everyone across the organization, which is confirmed by BARC’s analysis. “Customers rate Phocas highly based on its ability to complete projects on time and on budget and with overall user satisfaction.” Adding that our top rankings in this KPI “may be due to its focus on empowering non-technical users in specific industries.”

    KPI 2 - Vendor Support

    Vendor Support KPI measures user satisfaction with the level of vendor support provided by the product. In this KPI, Phocas scored a 9.4 while Qlik Sense scored a 6.9. From the beginning, we knew that the best way to get users to embrace Phocas was first, make it easy to use for anyone and any skill level; and second, make it simple for people to continue to learn how to use the depth of features that we provide in our software. We want people to quickly go from a novice to an advanced user, which is why we have spent significant time and resources on a library of online training videos and customer success teams that help build happy, loyal customers.

    BARC verifies our efforts in service and support stating, “Phocas has performed well for the last six years and has improved its positioning year-over-year for the last four. Phocas offers a variety of training options to best suit each customer’s individual needs, many free online resources, and a support desk for more advanced questions. All support requests receive a response within an hour.” Ensuring our customers have the training tools and support services they need is a key differentiator for our business. It’s why training and support will always be cornerstones of the Phocas experience.

    Laura Kendall, General Manager of Splosh, a giftware company in Brisbane, Australia, said about her company’s experience with Phocas, “The support of Phocas is just absolutely amazing. Hands down, it’s better than any other IT company we deal with. Nothing is ever a problem. I can’t speak more highly than the quality of the support that we get. They’re always wanting to help, they’re just awesome.”


    KPI 3 - Competitive Rate

    In BARC’s The BI Survey 17, Phocas frequently beat out its peers. Among data discovery-focused products, Phocas ranks first, while it is considered a leader in the Americas-focused and self-service reporting-focused peer groups. Phocas outperformed Qlik Sense by more than double in this KPI, finishing with a score of 6.9 versus 3.1 for Qlik Sense.

    This KPI is important because ultimately it matters how frequently a BI solution is selected over its peers. It should matter for companies considering BI software to know how often the software is eliminated from consideration. BARC also noted, “BI Survey has consistently found that products from some large vendors are often bought with little or no evaluation and therefore appear to have an artificially high win rate compared to products from smaller, independent vendors, who have to fight for every sale.” Despite this inherent disadvantage, Phocas continues to outperform its peers, including more recognizable brands, in head-to-head competitive bids.

    The following KPIs are just a few of the peer group categories that Phocas outpaced Qlik Sense in The BI Survey 17.

    For a more complete head-to-head comparison with additional KPIs, download our Phocas BI vs. Qlik Sense custom PPT/PDF presentation by clicking the image below.



    Written by Phocas Software
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    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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