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    Phocas BI vs Yellowfin BI (user reviews from BARC's The BI Survey 17)

    BARC, a leading enterprise software industry analyst and consulting firm, released The BI Survey 17, the world's largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end users. In total, 3,066 responded to the survey evaluating 42 BI software products across 29 categories.

    When the results were compiled, Phocas finished on top of 24 categories across three different peer groups, which included products such as Infor BI, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and Yellowfin. In this blog, we will review how Phocas performed head-to-head against Yellowfin in several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including competitive win rate, implementer support and product satisfaction.

    A more complete overview of how Phocas compared to Yellowfin in the BARC’s The BI Survey 17, is available by clicking the image below.phocas-vs-yellowfin-barc-cta

    KPI 1 - Competitive Win Rate

    This KPI is based on the percentage of wins in competitive evaluations. Phocas wins frequently against its peers, and when it is evaluated with Yellowfin, wins the head-to-head battle more than twice as often. In the survey, Phocas scored a 6.9 compared to Yellowfin’s score of 3.1.

    Phocas finished first in the data-discover peer group and is considered a leader in two other peer groups. BARC gives the edge to Phocas against many of its peers because of Phocas’ extensive experience and focus on manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail industries. “This gives the vendor a deep understanding of its customers’ needs and an advantage over most other products that are typically designed as a universal tool.”

    This KPI is important according to BARC, because organizations need to recognize which products have “fared well in other organizations’ product selection. Eliminating ‘losers’ at an early stage is important.”

    KPI 2 - Implementer Support

    The implementer support KPI measures users satisfaction with the level of implementer’s support for the product. In 2017, Phocas achieved the top ranking in two of the three peer groups, and for the past six years, “Phocas has performed well in all three of its peer groups” for this KPI. BARC cites Phocas’ “efficient and competent team,” which carries out the software implementation. For this KPI, Phocas scored 9.3 while Yellowfin scored 6.3.

    BARC analysts feel this KPI is important because ultimately product support is key in project success, and is an area that BARC recognized major differences between products. We have worked hard to make our software implementation quick and painless, and based on the results of the survey, our customers recognize the effort.

    For example, Kriz-Davis Co, a full-line electrical wholesale distributor, turned to Phocas after deploying a new ERP system. They needed a solution to extract data into a report format that was meaningful, easily accessible, user friendly and expeditious for its management, operations and sales teams. According to Tim Berry, President and CEO of Kriz-Davis, Implementation of the new BI and reporting solution was quick, smooth and painless.  

    “In short order, we exchanged the necessary information, had a two-hour WebEx training, and we were off and running. Their pre and post-sale support levels are second to none.”


    KPI 3 - Product Satisfaction

    Product satisfaction is a KPI based on the frequency of problems encountered with the software. The higher the score, the fewer the problems that users have. For this KPI, Phocas scored a 9.8. Yellowfin scored a 3.8. From the beginning, Phocas was built to be user friendly. We want our software to be used by everyone in the organization, regardless of skill level. For our software to be successful, it had to make data accessible and easy to understand. Our product satisfaction scores in The BI Survey 17 validate our efforts.

    For the past six years of the survey, Phocas customers have said they consistently have fewer problems than customers of many other products. In BARC’s analysis of the survey results, analysts wrote, Phocas’ positioning is indicative of its commitment to training and vendor support as well as the maturity, ease of use and flexibility of the platform. In addition, customers often point out that Phocas meets all types of users’ needs, regardless of ability level.”

    Vic’s Premium Quality Meat was established 18 years ago, and today serves meat to 80 percent of the top restaurants in Australia, selling 20 tons of meat per day. Vini Sharma, Senior Commercial Analyst for Vic’s, said, “Phocas is very intuitive, it is very easy to use. Even when I’m training people, they can ask me anything, and I can show them what it can do. Being able to drill down so deep is a really good thing. From our perspective, I’d definitely recommend it. Phocas is definitely a valuable piece of collateral for the business.”

    These are just a few of the KPIs for which Phocas outperformed Yellowfin. For a more comprehensive review, visit and download our summary of our highlights report.



    Written by Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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