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    Phocas gives family-owned wholesaler fast and efficient access to key business data

    J&S Davis is a long-established family-owned business providing exclusive wholesale dental distribution of international brands across the UK and Ireland.

    At a glance:

    Client: J&S Davis
    Industry: Health & Scientific
    HQ Location: Stevenage, England
    ERP System: Microsoft Dynamics Nav

    Key outcomes:

    • easily identify customers’ buying behaviour
    • increase sales opportunities within existing customer base
    • analyse sales force performance and identify where improvement is needed
    • help suppliers understand what products are selling, to which customers and where
    • save hours by accessing relevant data in just a few clicks

    When it comes to making important business decisions, accessing the right data quickly is critical for J&S Davis. In 2002 the company was using Crystal Reports to analyse data, but as the business grew so did its need for faster and more comprehensive reporting and analytics.

    Having no idea of Phocas’ full capabilities, Daniel Davis, managing director for J&S Davis knew his business needed Phocas after being hit by its ‘wow factor’ during a demo.

    It was the ease and speed at which Phocas was able to deliver the data that led the 100+ year-old company to deploy the software and remain a customer for over 15 years.

    “Previously we couldn’t get a good view of our data without running hundreds of reports. Phocas made it easy to pull the back-end data straight to our fingertips. It is so quick at getting the right information to the right people”

    Daniel Davis, managing director, J&S Davis

    This helped the sales managers get a view of how sales people were performing and provided critical data on customers’ buying behaviour. It also meant purchasing and buying managers could show suppliers which products were selling to which customers.

    “Particularly important to us was the ability to see things shown in the supplier’s own currency. A lot of stock is held at various stages along our supply chain so getting clarity on that area is critical,” said Davis.

    Implementation and support

    Following a demo, Davis worked with Phocas on implementation.

    “It was surprisingly quick to set up and we couldn’t be happier with the support available”
    Daniel Davis, managing director, J&S Davis

    Implementing Phocas across the entire business has helped J&S Davis get a better understanding of not just customers and suppliers, but also internal operations. “Colleagues can use it to understand the business dynamics much better,” said Davis. “It means we’re all on the same page and can have intelligent conversations during meetings.”

    Using data to get results

    Phocas has delivered countless key benefits for J&S Davis since the dental distributor installed the software in 2003. Davis and his team love how they can drill down into the data to find unexpected and exciting discoveries about products, places and people.

    “I love how intuitive Phocas is. It really helps us to identify and act on potential problems before they get too big, particularly with things like margins,” said Davis

    The company has also noticed better relationships with suppliers.

    “Phocas gives us credibility because we can immediately pull up live data and present it during a meeting.”
    Daniel Davis, managing director, J&S Davis

    Ready to spread the word

    Now that J&S Davis has been a long-time Phocas customer, Daniel finds himself willing to recommend the speed of the software to others.

    We encourage companies like ours to use Phocas because it’s excellent for their growth. I sometimes wonder how companies that don’t have Phocas manage to run their business. If data can be enjoyable, then it’s Phocas that makes it that way,” said Davis.

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