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    Phocas vs. Qlik Sense

    Learn how Phocas compares to Qlik Sense in the world's largest independent review of business intelligence products.

    One of the keys to Phocas’ success and growth is that our customers genuinely like and use our business intelligence (BI) software. We work hard from the beginning to ensure a great experience, from implementation and training to our intuitive interface and ongoing support, so that our customers benefit from our technology every day. It’s also the reason why Phocas is recognized as a leader in BI and favors well in head-to-head comparisons such as BARC’s The BI Survey 18.

    In the 2018 survey, more than 3,000 BI software users were asked to share their experiences with their BI solution of choice. In total, 36 vendors were evaluated across 30 different KPIs, including product satisfaction, business benefits, recommendation and sales experience. We pulled the data from the survey to compare how well Phocas performed against Qlik Sense, a frequent competitor in software reviews.

    In this blog, we will highlight how Phocas fared against Qlik Sense in three KPI categories: product satisfaction, vendor support and competitive win rate.

    Product satisfaction

    The product satisfaction KPI is based on how frequently users encounter problems with their BI software. The more problems, the lower the score. For this category, Phocas received a 9.5 while Qlik Sense scored a 3.8. Within their peer group of data discovery-focused products, Phocas was the top ranked product. Qlik Sense finished in the middle of the group below the group average of 5.3.

    In the survey analysis, BARC recognized Phocas for its simplicity, intuitiveness and flexibility, suggesting “Even brand new business users can become proficient within a day, building visualizations and dashboards, drilling down, filtering, and even administering the tool.”

    This KPI not only highlights fewer problems when using the software — it also draws attention to the fact that our software was created for people of all skill levels. When more people can access and effectively use BI to help them with their jobs, they are more likely to find satisfaction in the experience. On the other hand, when users give software a low satisfaction score, it likely means they can’t use it to do what they need.

    Vendor support

    Phocas received the top ranking in the Vendor Support KPI in the data discovery-focused products peer group, receiving a user score of 9.1. Qlik Sense users gave the software a score of 6.5, below the peer group average of 7.7. The score is directly linked to the level of satisfaction that users feel they receive from the software manufacturers. This is the seventh consecutive year that Phocas has “improved its ranking among data discovery-focused products, indicating its continual dedication to its customers.”

    A previous blog post asked the question, “What makes a good business intelligence solution?” The author included vendor support, stating, “A good BI solution will have great employees who put the customer first. Support should be available by phone or email and not cost you an arm or a leg. You will also want to make sure there are plenty of training resources available, because as your company grows, so will your BI needs. Good BI solutions offer free online training, free global customer training days, free community forums and other great resources to help you learn and grow.”

    Phocas support includes Phocas Academy with tutorial-style videos that help users get started and keep them learning; online user guides; PUG Forum where users go to answer software questions and share tips and best practices; and the Phocas blog, which is one of the leading BI content sources online.

    Competitive win rate

    It’s one thing to always be in the race; it’s another thing entirely to win. When it comes to head-to-head competitive evaluations, Phocas and Qlik Sense are often included against each other. When users were asked who wins most often, Phocas received a score of 7 while Qlik Sense received a 3.0, well below the peer average of 4.4.  In 2017, Phocas outperformed Qlik Sense 6.9 to 3.1.

    According to BARC, “In all three peer groups, Phocas has one of the highest percentage of wins in competitive evaluations. So much of Phocas’ success has to do with its specialization in certain industries, and this KPI is a true measure of the effectiveness of this strategy. On top of that, the tool’s maturity, ease of use and modern interface is a boon to its competitive win rate.”

    Many of our customers let us know why Phocas wins in these head-to-head evaluations:

    “Phocas simply checked all the boxes for us,” said Marie-Louise Flannery, head of sales for Medical Supply Company. “It was easy to implement, and easy to use. Our sales team became self-sufficient quickly, and we no longer needed to rely on anyone else writing the reports for us.”

    “We initially selected Phocas because it’s a user friendly tool that allows managers and executives to produce meaningful reports on the fly,” said Andy Taylor, IT Manager for Baylis & Harding.

    Graeme Mackie, founder of AEL said, “The whole process of dealing with Phocas from enquiry to implementation was very efficient and the whole Phocas team was engaging and wanted to learn what AEL wanted from the system. It did not take long for our staff to start using the data on their own due to the training received from Phocas. 

    The above KPIs are highlights of another impressive showing for Phocas in BARC's The BI Survey 18. Download our entire highlights report to learn more:


    Written by Phocas Software
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    We make people feel good about data

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