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    Phocas BI vs Oracle BI review (based on ratings in BARC's The BI Survey 17) 

    In 2017, industry research group BARC completed its annual survey of BI software users. Considered the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of its kind, The BI Survey 17, captured insights from 3,066 people, comparing 42 leading BI vendors across 29 different key performance indicators. In this blog we discuss Phocas BI vs. Oracle BI.

    For the last several surveys, Phocas has outperformed a number of larger, well-known competitors, distancing itself across multiple Key Performance Indicators, from business benefits and customer satisfaction to business value and mobile. In some cases, the head-to-head comparisons are not very close, as user rankings have positioned Phocas in 24 top-ranked positions, and no less than 22 leader positions. In this blog post, we will focus on the head-to-head comparisons with Oracle BI, one of the more recognizable software providers among the 42 BI software vendors. Despite the brand recognition, Oracle BI scored well below Phocas across multiple KPIs, including product satisfaction, recommendation, vendor support, sales experience, mobile BI and self-service.

    KPI 1 - Product satisfaction 

    Phocas BI scored a 9.8 out of 10 while Oracle BI scored a 3.1. This KPI is based on the frequency of problems encountered with the product; the lower the score, the greater the number of problems with the software. For this KPI, Phocas has consistently performed well for the past six BI Surveys. Our customers claim to have fewer problems with our software than customers using other products. When compared to Oracle BI, Phocas has more than three times fewer problems than Oracle BI customers. Among the many reasons why our customers like our product is because it was designed to be easy to use. When you combine that fact with our commitment to training and support, you get high product satisfaction.

     KPI 2 - Recommendation 

    Our customers think highly of our BI solution, and that is not more evident than in our recommendation KPI score in the BI Survey. Our users gave Phocas a perfect score of 10 while Oracle BI users gave their software a 2.4. In other words, Phocas users are nearly four times more likely to recommend Phocas to others than Oracle BI users. We have seen this across our relationships with a number of associations and buying groups around the world. Once one of the members experiences the benefits of Phocas, they share it with others. They are also willing to share their experiences through testimonials and case studies, which are reflected on our website.


     KPI 3 - Vendor Support

    The vendor support KPI measures user satisfaction with the support they received from the product vendor. Once again, Phocas outscored Oracle BI three to one. Phocas scored 9.4 while Oracle BI scored a 3.1. In the BARC Viewpoint, the researcher stated, “Phocas is particularly proud of the support and services it offers and customer feedback confirms Phocas as the top-ranked product in two peer groups and a leader in another in the ‘Vendor support’ KPI.” We are proud of our track record with our support team and commitment to ensuring that our customers actually use our software. Our goal is to make our customers actual users of our software, not simply buyers.

     KPI 4 - Sales Experience

    The BARC Survey 17 also asked users to measure their interaction with their BI vendor based on several criteria. Given the competitive nature of the marketpace, successful companies also have a highly professional sales organization. According to BARC, “vendors that can quickly understand organizations’ needs, provide industry-specific knowledge and offer competitive pricing and contract flexibility are more likely to create a positive sales/purchasing experience.  As with previous KPIs, Phocas outranked Oracle BI by a score of 9.5 to 3.9.

     KPI 5 - Mobile

    For the final comparison, let’s look at the Mobile BI KPI, which had the widest separation between Phocas and Oracle BI. This KPI measures how many survey respondents currently use their BI tool on a mobile device. Phocas scored a 9.2 while Oracle BI scored a 1.9. As evidenced by these rankings, it is clear that some software providers have not focused enough on the mobile user. Early on in our software, we recognized the need for people of all skill levels to be able to access data and analytics on mobile devices. Regardless of how and where Phocas users access our software, they will have a similar experience, which makes deploying and using Phocas much easier for our customers.

    These are just a few of the KPIs that helped to position Phocas on top in several groups and a leader in others. For a more comprehensive highlights report including additional KPIs, download our Phocas BI versus Oracle BI highlights report.



    Written by Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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