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Companywide financial
planning and analysis

Quickly grasp your competitive position to ask the right questions and challenge assumptions

Get a holistic view of your performance by combining financial and operational data

Implementing a solution for financial planning and analysis across a business used to be a huge undertaking. Now with financially specific software built on a powerful BI platform it makes sense to move away from spreadsheets to budget, report, scenario plan and determine the new monthly forecast.

You can also automate your income statement, cashflow, balance sheet and trial balance to be in sync with regular changes in your ERP data. The software frees up your finance team's time to carry out more complex and valuable analysis while building knowledge of financial performance across a company.

The intuitive financial software allows the finance team to:

  • customize and add calculations such as EBIT, margins and ratios
  • create administrative control with filtered and restricted access
  • build dashboards of financial performance
  • drill through to transactions for quick data queries without touching the ledger
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Phocas benefits for the finance team

Control your data Manage data access and visibility with ease, without compromising on quality or flexibility!
Unify your team See how Phocas can allow you to create a shared sense of truth and direction, and ensure that all teams are working towards the same growth goals.

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Leverage your datasets Finance leaders frequently tell us that they know there is data that is going underutilized - see how Phocas allows you to fully leverage data within your ERP.