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Data-driven inventory
optimization eBook

New metrics to master inventory management

Quickly understand who is buying and what products they are buying with data analytics

Improve efficiencies and reduce costs with inventory optimization. Phocas helps managers make sense of large volumes of product data in a way that is easy to understand and action.

Pinpoint stock on hand, days cover, top suppliers and customers so you can make informed decisions about both ends of the supply chain.

This eBook provides tips on how to be more data-driven, and use inventory metrics to more responsive to the changing needs of customers.

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How Phocas helps distributors and wholesalers win

Margin enrichment Drill down to granular data details to view margin by customer, product, product class or product category for optimal sales strategies and product mix decisions.
Stock coverage With Phocas, your data delivers you a stock coverage report that is always flexible, up-to-date and easy to access. Avoid “out of stock” situations, “deadstock” quantities and identify “slow-moving” stock before it becomes a problem.

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Customer profitability Evaluate customer buying patterns for a comprehensive understanding of at-risk relationships to keep profitability strong. Track key metrics such as customer sales volume, gross margins, number of orders and order size, loyalty, and cost to serve.