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Boost medical device sales revenue with data analytics

Medical device companies are beginning to use data to help shape business decisions leading to improved efficiencies, increased profit margins and a reduction in expenditure.

In this eBook, we will review how analyzing your data can be done quickly and easily with industry-leading business intelligence (BI) software. We will discuss the benefits of adding BI to get more value from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, how a whole-of-business BI approach can help improve your overall sales and how BI helps suppliers and distributors manage stock levels.

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How we help the medical devices industry

New opportunities Determine what product categories make up total sales and overlay across all customers to find new sales opportunities.
Greater visibility Explore top customers in a single view by variables (per region, per sales, per product) that work for your team at any given time.
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Mitigated obstacles Set an automatic margin threshold to track activity and proactively follow up with customers.