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What changes has your sales team experienced this year?  Do you have less sales contracts to win or maybe your sales cycle has increased? 

If so, now is the time to rethink your sales approach and map out what you sell, to whom and how? The good news - there are great tools to help you analyze your sales and drill down into products to determine the changing needs of customers.

In this market, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60% and to a new one it's 10%. Use your data to build a transparent and productive sales culture so your people can find value-creation opportunities for themselves.

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Phocas benefits for sales leaders

Data paired with confidence Data that comes even a few days late can be outdated and unusable. With real-time data analysis and visual dashboards, you can make real-time decisions that drive your revenue forward.
Understand customer needs Gain insight into your customer needs and purchase trends, to go beyond tangential sales knowledge. Customize your sales focus and improve conversion rates by using actionable intelligence every day.

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Forecast and report Provide executive forecasting and track the performance of new initiatives in real-time using flexible data visualization tools. In short, spend less time reporting and more time selling!