[eBook] Data Analytics for SAP Business One users

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[eBook] Data Analytics for SAP Business One users

Seeing the big picture: what are you missing in your business?

NB! This is a preview of our newest eBook: Data Analytics for SAP Business One users.

Your business has data. This data is captured in your ERP system: SAP Business One. But how do you take advantage of the value of your data? While SAP Business One provides you with an operational view of your business, you can enhance your level of insight with the ability to perform trend analysis or provide high-level data-driven and actionable intelligence.

Specifically, from working with SAP Business One customers (including Medical Supply Company Ltd, Mercor Lighting, Iccons and Sapphire Group Pty Ltd), we understand the need to:

  • Perform trend analysis using data stored in your ERP and other systems
  • Identify opportunities for sales, finance and stock management
  • Uncover potential challenges and threats that can harm the business’ bottom line

But we also understand you need a helping hand. Introducing: data analytics.

Read on to find out the benefits you can get from integrating the right BI solution with your ERP system.

“Phocas affords us the opportunity to analyze sales in numerous ways. The intuitive nature of the product allows us to quickly identify trends and make necessary adjustments.” David Eckartt - Vice President Operations Charles Leonard Inc

Goodbye, missed sales opportunities. Hello, better business decisions.

You can solve this ERP challenge with reporting and analytics by aggregating all of your data from various systems and presenting it in one view. If data sources such as your SAP Business One ERP, CRM and website data aren’t brought together, you might be missing key trends or insights, such as a true understanding of inventory levels or customer engagement.

In addition to needing to view your data in one place, it’s also important to have it presented in a way that everyone can understand and leverage, including non-technical users.

Data analytics — and the insights that come from it known as business intelligence (BI) — will help you ask and answer questions as you explore your data while following your train of thought. And most importantly, you can easily share what you find with others through graphs, dashboards, scorecards and reports. BI minimizes the uncertainty around predicting future trends. It also offers facts to inform decision making regarding market conditions, competition and customers’ buying behavior.

“Phocas simply checked all the boxes for us. It was easy to implement, and easy to use. Our sales team became self-sufficient quickly, and we no longer need to rely on anyone else writing the reports for us.” Marie-Louise Flannery - Head of Sales at Medical Supply Company Ltd

NB! This was a preview of our newest eBook: Data Analytics for SAP Business One users. To learn more about comprehensive insights, easy reporting, and getting results from your SAP Business One data, download the full eBook by clicking here, or on the button below.
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