Johnstone Supply gets real business intelligence with Phocas

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Having a pulse on everything that is going on across sales, inventory, accounting and warehousing is critical to a growing and connected company. The ability to use data to answer questions about virtually every aspect of operations helps eliminate the gut feel from decision-making.

Johnstone Supply – Kenilworth Group is a family-owned heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning distributor with 130 employees supporting six branches across New Jersey. Founded in 1987, the company is part of the top co-operative wholesale distributor in the country and a recognized national leader in the HVAC/R industry. Each of Johnstone’s six branches is a stocking location with access to more than 75,000 products.

The old BI system was cumbersome and rigid

Johnstone values its data and has done a lot of reporting using its Epicor Eclipse ERP system. The company ran into challenges, however, with its old business intelligence (BI) software because of how cumbersome it was to find and pull information.

The dashboards were rigid, the drill downs the company could use already limited Johnstone, and drilling into company data required the creation of multiple reports.

Timothy Janes, operational specialist for Johnstone Supply NJ explains the limitations of the old tool: 

“The biggest issues were lack of flexibility to respond to users' needs, not being user friendly and the data was no actionable. We wanted to dig into our data our information in a certain way, but we were limited by what we could see and how deep we could go.

Experiencing the value of BI

Since deploying Phocas, Johnstone has integrated sales, inventory, accounting and warehousing information into Phocas, which now serves as a single source of truth for operations and other departments.

Operations has its hands in most parts of the business, so we need a big picture view,” said Janes.



“Phocas offers that, and it’s so intuitive that it has driven adoption for reporting and dashboards for other areas of our business, which allows our non-technical users to slice and dice any which way they want to see exactly what they want. With Phocas, we can easily show the real value of business intelligence.”

Greater visibility into customer data

Phocas is helping departments develop their own scorecards and dashboards, while providing more visibility into customers’ businesses so sales can see how to best offer Johnstone’s solutions to help them succeed.

Additionally on the warehousing side, Johnstone’s operations team can now track efficiency metrics they didn’t have visibility into prior. This allows them to track the performance of their warehouses while performing all essential functions.

"Phocas allows us to slice and dice at will. The ability to focus on one entity, product or customer with a single click, and then watch the entire dashboard update is huge for us.”

“As an everyday user, I can do a million things with Phocas, and also share dashboards and reports quickly and easily by sending external links to branch managers, outside sales teams, sales support or managers. All of these team members have visibility into things that their customers are doing that they couldn’t see prior to Phocas,” said Janes.

For more information about how Johnstone Supply is using Phocas to gain greater visibility into its business, click here.

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