Phocas finishes on top of 28 categories in BARC’S The BI Survey 18

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Phocas finishes on top of 28 categories in BARC’S The BI Survey 18

Company exceeds last year’s performance in The BI Survey 18, the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of BI end users; continues to outpace IBM Cognos, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik Sense and Tableau among other perceived BI leaders for certain KPIs.

For the seventh consecutive year, Phocas Software has outperformed many of the larger business intelligence (BI) providers in many categories in BARC’s annual survey of business intelligence software users. The BI Survey 18 is the largest and most comprehensive survey of BI end users with more than 3,000 people responding to detailed questions about their use of BI tools and solutions.

In this year’s survey, 36 BI products were evaluated across 30 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Phocas received perfect scores (10 out of 10) and was the top ranked vendor in the following KPIs:

  • Project success – based on the implementation of satisfaction level and the frequency of projects completed on time and on budget
  • Price-to-value ­– based on how users rate their BI solution in terms of price-to-value ratio
  • Recommendation – based on how many users would recommend the BI product to others
  • Ease-of-use – based on how often BI product was chosen by users for ease of use, and on the level of complaints about ease of use post implementation
  • Visual analysis – based on how many sites currently perform visual analysis with the BI tool

Phocas ranked higher than IBM Cognos, MS Power BI, Qlik Sense, SAP Analytics Cloud and Tableau, among others, across several KPIs, finishing on top in 28 categories while being named a leader in 25 categories in three different peer groups.

For example, in the Project Success KPI, Phocas received a 10 while SAP Analytics Cloud received an 8.3, Qlik Sense a 7.3 and Tableau a 6.5. In Business Value, Phocas scored 9.2 while Microsoft Power BI received a 7.4 and Tableau scored a 5.8. In Recommendation, Phocas once again scored a 10. Qlik Sense scored a 7.7 and Tableau scored a 5.5. And in Customer Satisfaction, Phocas scored a 9.6 while Tableau scored a 4.7 and sales-I scored a 7.5.

“Phocas continues to outperform the perceived leaders in many categories in the BI software space by continuing to focus on what has driven our growth since the beginning, a passion for making powerful, flexible and user-friendly business intelligence available to all skill levels of users,” said Myles Glashier, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Phocas. “The results of this year’s BI Survey are incredible and once again validate the efforts of our team that works hard to meet the needs of our global customer base.”

He added, “Being among the leading vendors in customer satisfaction, customer experience, ease of use and vendor support matters when it’s coming from the people that matter the most.”

Among the other key takeaways from the survey are the following:

  • 91 percent of surveyed users would definitely recommend Phocas
  • 59 percent of surveyed users chose Phocas because of its fast query performance, compared to 29 percent for the average BI tool
  • 63 percent of surveyed users chose Phocas because of its ease of use for report designers compared to 34 percent for the average BI tool
  • 66 percent of surveyed users report no significant problems in the use of Phocas compared to 39 percent for the average BI tool

“If we’ve learned anything since we’ve been doing The BI Survey, it’s that BI products that are easy to use, drive successful projects, deliver on the promised business benefits and are affordable to use, are usually the most highly recommended and highly rated products in our survey,” said Dr. Carsten Bange, CEO of BARC. “Where Phocas has ranked over the past several years is telling of its commitment to the customer experience, and making data analytics simple and accessible for everyone across the organization.”

The BI Survey 18 was conducted by BARC from February 2018 to June 2018. In total, 3,045 respondents worldwide answered a series of questions about their BI software. The survey offers a comparison of 36 leading business intelligence tools across 30 different key performance indicators, including project success, customer satisfaction and price to value. For more information, go to

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