These executive eBooks will help you achieve business success

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These executive eBooks will help you achieve business success

For more than 15 years, Phocas has helped companies like yours to succeed in a competitive and dynamic marketplace. Utilizing our years of experience, Phocas has created executive eBooks to provide you with valuable information to guide you toward your next success.

Today, we’ll review a few of our most popular eBooks.

Executives: The key metrics you need to measure to ensure your business stays on track

Data and analytics are integral to strategic planning and success. KPIs and metrics enable you to have a clear picture of your progress in each area of your company.

In our eBook, Executives: The key metrics you need to measure and ensure your business stays on track, we share how to set effective metrics based on SMART business goals. We demonstrate how to create and use a metric for customer service response times. Next, see how to monitor the performance of your metrics by using a fully customizable dashboard. See how your KPIs and metrics can be presented in striking visualizations such as pie charts, gauges, and geospatial maps and circle markers. Finally, we examine what metrics are most important to drive your company toward ultimate success. Download your eBook by clicking the box below.

Click here to download the Executive  KPIs and Metrics eBook

Wholesale distribution software eBook

Distributors generate a massive amount of data which is typically stored in disparate sources such as spreadsheets and ERP systems. Having data spread across multiple sources makes analyzing and leveraging that data quite challenging. Yet in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, this information is critical to a company’s survival.

With so many companies contending for the same customers, distributors are turning to business intelligence (BI) to mine their data for actionable insights that will allow them to gain a competitive advantage. In our Wholesale Distribution Software eBook, we explore nine reasons your company will benefit from updating to a modern and powerful BI solution. We share how BI will provide you with a clear picture of your company’s performance, allow you to discover new opportunities, and reveal insights into ways to reduce costs. Having accurate, instant and dynamic access to your data positions you to make informed decisions and develop strategies that will give you the market advantage.

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Excel and Business Intelligence: Friends or Foes eBook

In this eBook we examine the ongoing debate between Excel and BI. We'll assess where Excel has fallen short as a BI tool, and discuss the business benefits of a focused BI solution. Spreadsheets are valuable business tools, and Excel is an integral part of business workflow. However, with the deluge of data being created, manipulated, and shared every day, using Excel as a BI tool can create a multitude of challenges.This is because Excel wasn’t created to be used as a primary BI solution.

Manipulating multiple spreadsheets creates a breeding ground for errors. A misplaced decimal point can create costly reporting mistakes. An Internet search will reveal numerous Excel horror stories about how companies have underestimated costs or overstated value because of mistakes made a single cell. This is just one of several drawbacks to using Excel as a BI solution. See how business intelligence and Excel can work together by clicking the box below.

Click here to download the Excel and Business Intelligence: Friends or Foes eBook


Top 7 KPIs and metrics for mid-market executives

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