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    ASA Automotive Systems selects Phocas as data analytics partner

    Phocas data analytics solution is now integrated with ASA’s enterprise products such as TireMaster Enterprise and TireMaster GTX software due to a new partnership finalised this week. ASA dealers can start using Phocas’ out-of-the-box solution to mine value from their business information and make data-driven decisions.

    Phocas’  solution includes sales, purchasing and inventory databases that will make it easier for ASA dealers to consolidate and understand their data.

    In addition to delivering a tightly integrated technology solution, as an ASA Premier Business Partner, Phocas will participate in ASA conferences and sales meetings, and work closely with ASA on joint marketing and education efforts.

    “Phocas has worked with the automotive aftermarket for many years, helping them unlock the value from the data captured in internal systems and silos,” said Jay Deubler, president of Phocas U.S.

    “Thousands of tire and auto shops use ASA’s software to manage their business operations every day. Adding the power and simplicity of Phocas will help them improve how they use that data for everything from planning and forecasting to reporting and decision making. This partnership is a great opportunity for us to work with an industry leader and increase the reach of our software in a growing market,"adds Deubler.

    Phocas will make it easy for TireMaster Enterprise and TireMaster GTX users to better understand their business performance while addressing many of the industry’s pain points, including making data analytics accessible and simple for users of all skill levels; improving inventory, rebate, sales and order tracking; turning raw data into easy-to-read charts, tables and graphs; monitoring customer buying trends; and uncovering sales opportunities.

    “Getting value from data is becoming increasingly more important for our customers in the competitive aftermarket industry,” said Dave Vogel, General Manager of ASA Automotive Systems.

    “While data analysis has traditionally been an IT function, Phocas has made data analytics and reporting something that everyone across the company can use to help them do their jobs better and contribute to the bottom line,'says Vogel.

    “Dealers and service shops can now use TireMaster Enterprise and TireMaster GTX with a fully integrated Phocas data analytics solution to better understand their customers, track inventory, reduce costs, and grow sales and profits, among other benefits,” said Hasan Askari, Executive Director of Enterprise Sales at ASA Automotive Systems. We look forward to helping our customers learn more about Phocas and how to use data analytics to grow their businesses.”

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