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Epicor Data. Powered by Phocas.

Epicor Data Analytics is Phocas' best-in-class data analytics solution designed for Epicor customers. The platform empowers 400+ businesses worldwide to make better decisions by delivering high-level trend data, sales intelligence and intuitive reporting capabilities.

Analytics for Epicor:
  • Epicor BisTrack
  • Epicor E8, E9, and E10
  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Eclipse
  • Epicor LumberTrack
  • Epicor Prelude
  • Epicor Prophet 21
  • Epicor Vision
  • Epicor CMS
  • Epicor iScala

Epicor + Phocas. A match made in heaven.

Fast Fast access to key data means selling, buying and planning smarter. Phocas delivers Epicor-based KPIs, reporting and ad hoc queries at the touch of a button, allowing you to serve customers faster and scale quicker.
Flexible Access and manipulate data without distorting underlying numbers for contextual decision-making and collaboration across marketing, sales, finance and operations departments.
Friendly Even powerful tools go unused if they're too complicated. Phocas is built for end-users and comes with a dedicated team of experts to maximize your usage and make the biggest impact possible to your bottom line.
Data is a business asset

Put your essential data in one place

In manufacturing, distribution and retail where complexity reigns the problem is: the data is often distributed across ERP, CRM and financial systems making it difficult for your decision-makers to actually make fluid data-driven decisions. Phocas has served customer-centric and product-centric businesses like yours for 19 years. It brings critical data together and structures it in a user-friendly interface which becomes a central source of truth for non-technical people across all departments.

A perfect match

Out-of-the-box solution for Epicor

  • Simple to use
  • Cloud-based, secure platform
  • Syncs multiple data sources
  • Built-in metrics for key industries
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Custom dashboards and reporting
  • Ability to drill into the data and follow train of thought
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If they don’t have access to their dashboards there’s a state of panic. We rely on and love using Phocas so it is a huge part of our business. It lets them know how well we’re on track and there’s a lot of company-wide goals that we have that we use Phocas for to really give us the absolute accurate numbers that we need.

Gordon Howell

Data engineer, LSC


Phocas is so flexible that we can see everything exactly how we want to see it

Tim Janes

Operations Specialist, Johnstone Supply - Kenilworth Group


You can see things a lot more frequently and it is really bringing issues to the forefront, rather than they may have been missed prior to having Phocas.

Clint Agee & David Vollenweider

National Sales Company

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