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Data can be painful

We’ve grown up with manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses and we know data can be a pain. There’s a lot of it, it’s all over the place, ERPs are slow and clunky, spreadsheets can be inaccurate and everything takes forever. But here's the thing: leaders in your business need accurate information to make accurate decisions. Give your leaders the intelligence and visibility they need to thrive, drive revenue and help grow the business.

Data helps us understand customers’ purchasing patterns
Markets have changed significantly but with better access to information Mercury Lighting keeps up.
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Phocas benefits for managers

Dashboard summaries Business owners sleep with these on tablets under their pillow (really, we're not kidding)! Live visualizations of your company’s vital metrics and measures that are easy to understand and drill into to uncover the facts in numbers.
Informed decision-makers Empower every leader, mover and shaker to be a data-driven decision-maker. You don’t have to be an IT expert to analyze your own data and make precise decisions. Phocas is simple to customize, and even tech-phobic people can create their own reports.
Feel good about data Our customers feel genuinely better about accessing and using data with Phocas. They say they don’t know how high volume, margin-focused, stock driven businesses manage without it.
Confidence and control

Big pictures to microscopic views of business intelligence

Phocas pulls together data from all your key sources (your ERP, CRM and other systems) to extract and centralize information so you have a single source of truth for identifying roadblocks and growth opportunities.
Know your business

Data management software matched to your ERP, industry and KPIs

SKU heavy businesses started experiencing a need for analytics and reporting 20 years ago. We’ve matured with you to provide tailored industry focused solutions that help you make the decisions you need to run your business.
Simply reliable

Indispensable for analysis of sales and inventory

With data visualization tools, it's easy to analyze customers sales, identify trends and spot "slipping" accounts before it's too late. Our simplified implementation will make you wonder how you ever got along without a solution like this.

Business leaders share their thoughts on Phocas


From a business point of view, having a tool that is so quick and easy to use and so easy to get other people to use within an organization just stands head and shoulders above some of their competition.

Thomas Clayton

GM, Schlegel


The biggest struggle was doing things in a timely manner. Introducing Phocas helped us speed up. It’s so quick to run reports and get the information I need to run the business.

Jim Johnson

GM, CMI Electrical


Rather than having to rely on somebody else to get the end of month reporting, I can now produce the reports myself, and then do further analysis by slicing and dicing the information.

Earl Palfrey

Managing director, All Round Supplies


Because of the speed of Phocas, my decision making is probably a lot more calmer. Phocas just gives you that confidence.

Warren McMartin

Managing director, Sydney Automotive Paints and Equipment


Phocas helps us a lot with our data analytics, it’s fantastic for distributor insights. It helps us with our forecasting as well our historical data and from that we get to make some pretty quick decisions.

Chris Douglas

National Channel Manager, uvex

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Understand the past, operate better today, and plan well for the future

Whether you want to get your data organized for your team or you’re looking to combine data analytics capabilities with financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and planning… We can guide you. Let’s see if we can help.

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