Management + Phocas

Phocas benefits for management

  • get timely access to accurate data - current revenue and profit, against budgets, against prior year and against forecast
  • see your data presented in meaningful and easy-to-understand formats: grid, charts, dashboards
  • dive from high level summaries to company-wide detail in seconds to confirm or contradict your hunches
  • see a visual representation of metrics and performance scored the way you want it, against the variables you need
  • give your staff complete flexibility to get the information they need to know at any point in time – and reveal reasons behind it
  • stay across where customers are moving away from critical margin points, identify top customers and more tightly manage sales team performance
  • get all your departments working from the same version of the truth
  • present accurate, visual reports prepared easily by nontechnical staff to stakeholders like the Board, investors and directors
  • join thousands of executives in manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail
  • make a modest investment in a software tool with a 98% retention rate that will revolutionize your business and make you wonder why you didn’t have this sooner
  • this powerful no-nonsense business tool will become a key point of reference for your daily planning, business operation and strategy development.