KYB Americas grows sales with Phocas data analytics

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Data analytics is increasingly important for KYB Americas with the insights helping the sales team to uncover new customer service opportunities and increase orders.

KYB Americas is part of the global automotive shock absorber manufacturing conglomerate, running two distribution centers and managing 4000 SKUs across North America. 

Limited by ERP and reporting system

Prior to implementing Phocas, KYB was struggling to export data from its ERP and reports from its CRM reporting system. The process to manipulate and export data to a spreadsheet report was time consuming, cumbersome and filled with errors.

“We were limited with our ERP and what we could export in terms of file size and the methods that we could upload and export,” said Ryan Bumbaugh, sales coordinator for KYB Americas. "We needed something that could make it easier to manipulate and export, as well as a better way to display our data.

Displacing competitors, growing sales 

For Bumbaugh, Phocas is where he starts his day identifying opportunities to share with his sales force, managing product pricing, reviewing codes for SKUs and allocating units to the company’s 3PL in California.

Generating a report with accurate information went from hours to minutes, as inputting large quantities of formulas was reduced to a few clicks using Phocas dashboards and dimensions.

Today, the sales team uses “all the data in Phocas” to improve customer retention and sales volume. They turn to Phocas to justify budgets for customers, identify what customers are falling off, find upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and quickly uncover gaps in what customers aren’t stocking. Armed with this information, they set up meetings, review product lines and set up new orders.

Becoming a more data-driven culture

Bumbaugh also created executive dashboards and reports that are distributed daily and weekly. The executive team sees the day-to-day adjustments that are being made, can quickly review people, product and customer data, and make budget decisions based on the information. The reports, which include sales data, gross profit and item class breakdowns, are then shared with corporate headquarters in Japan.

We have access to more and different reporting, can see our data in a variety of ways, and jump around in dimensions to visualize our performance across numerous variables," stated Bumbaugh.

For more information about how KYB Americas is using Phocas to drive sales, click here.

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