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Whether it is sales, purchasing, operations, inventory analysis, finance or accounts receivable – the information is just a click away," Tim Berry, CEO and President, Kriz-Davis.

In 2010, to meet the growth and expanding demands of the business, Kriz-Davis implemented a new ERP system - Activant Solar Eclipse from Epicor. The reporting abilities and formats Kriz-Davis had at the time were cumbersome, inflexible and took too long to extract data and reports. 

Tim Berry, President and CEO, reflects, “We were looking for a means to extract data into a report format that was meaningful, easily accessible, user friendly and expeditious for our management, operations and sales teams to use on a day to day basis.”   

They had tried another product, supplied by their ERP vendor, for 11 months before talking to the people at Phocas, but, as Berry comments, “it was a bolted-on solution to our ERP system. It was too canned, meeting neither our needs nor expectations.” 

“Also, our accessibility to usable data was hard to get to by the normal sales team.  It usually resulted in contacting our IT group to extract the data. This took time and created frustration.”  

Quick and easy implementation 

“From the first presentation of Phocas we immediately saw the benefits and ease of use with this product. The decision to make the switch was easy.  Since then, we have never looked back or had any regrets by making this change.”

Implementation of the new BI (Business Intelligence) and reporting solution was quick, smooth and painless.  “The folks at Phocas are fantastic. In short order, we exchanged the necessary information, had a 2 hour WebEx training, and we were off and running. Their pre and post-sale support levels are second to none” says Berry. 

Benefits – Know why!

 “Our message to our teams is ‘know why’ – good or bad – ‘know why!’  We are able to view and track organic sales and GM gains and losses before it becomes a problem by being informed.”  Phocas has given everyone at Kriz-Davis a more accurate picture of what’s happening with the business.

At a glance senior management and executives can see how the business is performing and assess whether it’s on track to meet key goals and objectives. Sales and marketing can assess sales performance, cutting and dicing the data to understand where opportunities are not being maximized.

“Phocas has given us the drill down capabilities at all sales levels to know why.  We are able to quickly access the information to determine problem areas and put measures in place to fill the gap,” says Berry. 

Improved levels of customer service

By having a better understanding of what’s happening in their business Kriz-Davis has improved the level of service it offers customer. “Customers won’t wait on information.  With Phocas we’re able to exceed customer expectations and deliver more value.  Our sales teams can access vital information from the field and a lot of times in front of the customer.  It has made us a better equipped and more informed sales organization”.

“The great thing about Phocas is its flexibility. Every internal user and customer wants something just a little different.  Phocas allows us to do this. Whether it is sales, purchasing, operations, inventory analysis, finance or accounts receivable – the information is just a click away.”

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