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Team Medical Supplies takes an equitable and ethical long-term approach to extreme demand

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Team Medical Supplies

Team Medical Supplies, supplies 5 – 10K medical centres across the country. It’s no surprise that masks, sanitisers, paper towel and thermometers are in extremely high demand but how does Team Medical Supplies operate ethically and fairly in the face of COVID-19?

“Sadly, there are people who see dollar signs during these times. We’ve had unknown suppliers approaching us wanting to sell products that do not meet our quality standards. And unknown “customers” calling wanting to buy at higher prices in bulk quantities, said Tom Vriens, Manager at Team Medical Supplies.

“At Team Medical we are casting-off all this noise and we are staying focussed on supplying our loyal customers with as much stock as we can get them as they’re on the frontline supporting the community with healthcare.”

Currently Team Medical Supplies is dealing with 400% demand at 110% supply - the maths doesn’t add up. “We are leveraging sales data in Phocas and looking at customer buying history to assess what each customer normally buys from us and in what quantities. Our approach is to stay aligned with their typical purchasing trends and buying patterns. Data in Phocas is very helpful for managing this day by day.

“It’s very important we manage supply with an even-hand and prioritise. Of course, supermarkets and pharmacies want these products more than ever now too, but our priority is supplying the doctors. You have to have some tough conversations and stand firm on your long-term strategy because when the dust settles looking after your loyal customers and doing the right thing ethically pays off,” said Tom Vriens.

Team Medical Supplies
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