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Why people love Financial Statements

Why people love Financial Statements

Empower Your Finance Team with Phocas Financial Statements

Join Amanda Ware from Stokes Electric Company, along with Andrew Singer and Scott Sokoly from Trade Supply Group, as they share their transformative experiences with Phocas Financial Statements. In this insightful video, these finance leaders reveal how Phocas revolutionized their approach to financial data analysis and reporting.

Stokes Electric's Financial Clarity

Amanda Ware discusses the quest for cleaner, more insightful financials and how Phocas provided the solution they needed, especially when faced with the limitations of their previous software, Epicor P21. With Phocas, the team at Stokes Electric Company now enjoys the simplicity of comparing financial data across time periods, gaining valuable insights that drive their financial strategy. The power to create dynamic, customized reports has shifted the focus from data gathering to strategic decision-making, saving time and enhancing organizational agility.

Trade Supply Group's Enhanced Visibility

Andrew Singer and Scott Sokoly highlight the user-friendly nature of Phocas, which allows for deep dives into transaction-level details. This granular visibility uncovers outliers and areas ripe for improvement. Phocas's Flash Reports deliver a high-level financial overview, presenting essential metrics like gross profit, sales, accounts receivable, and inventory valuations at a glance. This enables swift, informed decisions that keep risks low and opportunities high.

Fostering Collaboration and Efficiency

Phocas isn't just about financial analysis; it's about bringing teams together. By making data accessible to all departments, regardless of location, Phocas encourages a collaborative environment where insights are shared and successful strategies are replicated. This data democratization not only boosts efficiency but also fosters a culture of empowerment and ownership among all employees.

A Centralized Platform for Strategic Planning

As a centralized hub for data analysis, Phocas ensures consistent, accurate reporting. Its intuitive design and robust infrastructure make it the go-to platform for integrating new services, solidifying its role as a linchpin in data-driven decision-making. With Phocas, users stay informed about their company's performance, enabling proactive, strategic planning.

The Phocas Advantage

Discover how Phocas Financial Statements goes beyond traditional financial reporting tools, equipping businesses like Stokes Electric Company and Trade Supply Group with the capabilities to excel in the competitive market. Watch the video and see how Phocas can empower your organization to harness the full potential of your financial data.

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