Great conversations



Get together around the campfire data

Rather than siloed knowledge all over the place in email, spreadsheets and disparate systems; start a group discussion from one centralised source of the truth. Consider the issues and opportunities from different perspectives. Have your story straight.

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Data discovery

See for yourself and then share with others

Phocas users find utility in the platform by accessing data the same way they think about it, without friction. At the same time, someone else in the company can get to the same exact information in a totally different manner. Everyone gets to the same data, and works from the same source of truth.

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Data in demand

Data as a value-add

Delight people in your supply chain who might be at arm’s length from the data. Sell thru data, view only live dashboards, benchmarking data, sales trends and patterns can make the difference between a ho hum relationship and one of high business value.

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Collaboration options

Create, share, present or email information

Ad hoc discoveries, dashboards, scorecards, alerts, reports can all be simply created and shared when and how you wish. Sales people love to have up-to-date information for customer meetings to enrich the conversations.

Be better informed Get information to people faster. Build, save and share your informational gems with your team, branches, vendors, customers and suppliers. Everyone will benefit from discussing the details.
Numbers-driven culture Every mover and shaker in your business should have access to and being able to query relevant data for visibility and as discussion starters. Phocas customers love that meetings now centre around findings and metrics.
Teamwork Departmental and cross-functional teams constantly find areas that need more attention and work together to fix once they have Phocas. Collaborating and sharing reports is simple.

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