The role of the Office of Finance is changing. And, it's changing fast.

The modern approach to Financial Planning and Analysis (or xP&A) “extends” traditional FP&A practices beyond finance; breaking down silos between management, operations, sales and marketing to facilitate greater cross-departmental collaboration. 

If this all sounds great in theory but you're lacking the time, business-wide support or systems and tools to make the shift, you're not alone.

Watch this one-hour webinar in partnership with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to learn how to transition from static, manual planning and reporting to dynamic, company-wide planning, reporting and analysis with the help of the latest FP&A software.

It will cover: 

  • An intro to modern financial planning & analysis (xP&A) 
  • The changing role of finance in businesses today 
  • Barriers to implementing xP&A practices 
  • A summary of the recent FSN: The Modern Finance Forum survey 
  • An explanation of how Phocas Software can help​ you achieve xP&A 

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Presented by:

Matt Harwood

Matthew Harwood

Head of Sales and Partnerships (UK)


Harry Eldridge

FP&A Pre-Sales Lead

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