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    At the heart of Phocas’ approach is simplicity ♥ #lovephocas

    To have fun this Valentine’s Day, we collated feedback from customers to develop a group love letter. The Phocas team is always available to discuss a data analytics solution with you, this day and every other day.

    It was five years ago that I first told you I loved you. Phocas, you changed my life and put my business on a new, exciting path of growth.

    quote_rexLove Phocas.  The software has made our lives so much better.”
    Wayne Blackman, Managing Director, Invision Sales.

    Our relationship came about when a mutual friend recommended Phocas. He knows the type of relationship I like, no fuss, no drama but never dull.  He thought we’d be a good match.

    quote_rexWe love it ♥ - fast, easy to use, comprehensive options, productive and great to present, teach and learn about our business.”
    Ian Edridge, Purchasing and Distribution Manager, Mcleod Accessories Pty Ltd.

    I was nervous about our first meeting. Would we connect? Would Phocas ask me questions? Or just make assumptions about what I need.  It wasn’t one of those, ‘have I got something for you scenarios.’ Phocas listened. Phocas spoke my language and wanted to help me address my daily work challenges.

    quote_rexPhocas has changed my perception of computer software salespeople. For once they kept all of their promises. Phocas really has demonstrably helped us to increase sales. Before we had Phocas we had reams and reams of reports. We love it! 
    Larry Fleming, General Manager, LSSD Security Systems

    Remember the first dashboard we created together Phocas? I do. Now I want to spend much of my day with you, you enrich my decision-making. I’m more confident with you by my side, Phocas. 

    quote_rexAlmost the first thing I do every day is to open Phocas. The impact of Phocas is remarkable. It has enabled us to look at our business from different perspectives, and to become much more accurate in using our data to make good business decisions, rather than acting on ‘gut feel’.”
    Fiona Irving, Marketing Director, Waterford Wedgewood Royal Doulton Australia Pty Ltd

    Phocas and I have decided to share our joy with others in our team. We love seeing other people succeed and get more time to pursue new opportunities because they are well supported with accurate information. 

    quote_rexI love the power and simplicity of the program. Can't wait to learn more and take full advantage of this very powerful tool.”
    John, Purchasing Manager, Loeb Electric Supply 

    quote_rexLove it!  I just love using Phocas. The possibilities of reports are endless.”
    Susan Greenway, IT Manager, American Pipe & Supply Co. Inc. 

    Good relationships take effort and care. Phocas and I have stayed together and become closer and more committed to each other over time. This is because we are open with one another about issues and problems, we are committed to ongoing development and are in it for the long haul. 

    Happy Valentine’s Day!  

    Feel the love by watching our customer video below or schedule a love your data consultation.


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    Written by Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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