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    Y’all ready for Nashville? What to expect from the 2017 Phocas user conference

    Each year, we invite Phocas users from across the globe to conferences that help them sharpen their skills, learn from experts, share best practices and strengthen the Phocas user community. Here’s a quick primer on what to expect at the Phocas U.S. User Conference 2017.

    Hot off a successful user group meeting in Holborn, London in the UK, the Phocas user community sets their sights on Music City U.S.A - Nashville, Tennessee. The biggest problem many Phocas users have is finding time away from their businesses to dig in. User groups are a great way to take a deep dive into Phocas, network with other Phocas users and of course have a fantastic time. 

    Are you ready to get your Phocas on? As always, we have drilled down into the data and provided you with six reasons why Nashville is the place to be in 2017.


    Great location and venue  

    By popular demand, the Phocas User group heads back to Nashville. Check out our recent blog post, “Phocas US customer user group (Nashville - 2017),” which will give you a few reasons why Nashville is always on our short list of user group destinations.

    Executive perspective

    Our leadership team will be on-site to share what’s going on at Phocas, as well as their perspective on the latest industry and technology trends. Phocas CEO, Phil Dodds will discuss the great new Phocas features that will be released in 2017, Phocas’ new referral program and much more.

    Launch of our newest features 

    At this year’s event, everyone will be talking about our newest features: rebates and financial reporting.  Imagine being able to use the power of Phocas not only to analyze and manage financial reporting but also all of your vendor and customer rebates, regardless of how complex they are. Buckle up; these new features will be game changers!

    Training and user sessions 

    On both days during the conference, we have reserved three hours for training sessions and two hours for user sessions that will teach new strategies and showcase best practices to boost your Phocas skills. Whether you are new to Phocas or an advanced or technical user, we have training for you. Choose from the standards like advanced search or avant-garde sessions like make Phocas weird. It’s choose your own adventure time!

    Networking time

    It’s important that you have time to engage with peers in your industry and fellow users. There will be plenty of time reserved for networking during meals and breaks. Plus, on day two of the conference, enjoy one hour of Phocas speed dating. Don’t worry: it will be an awkward free zone because everyone has Phocas in common. Take advantage of this opportunity to share your own best practices and exchange contact info for future conversations.


    While this is a business trip, we want you to relax, enjoy some time away from the office in one of the greatest cities in the country. We are looking forward to the welcome cocktail party on the evening of day one, hope you can make it. 

    We could go on, but we have packed a lot into three short days. We invite you to start using our conference hashtag, #PhocasedOnNashville, as you begin your preparations for the event.

    Questions? Please E-mail Jamie Brooks by clicking here.


    Written by Brian Costello

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