Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) for Epicor ERP 10

Business intelligence for Epicor ERP 10

EDA and Epicor ERP 10  for management

  • simple, painless installation
  • built for non-technical users for broad adoption across every department
  • access data from any device
  • reveal business insights to help reduce costs, identify growth opportunities, improve decision-making
  • deeper insights into performance across all areas of your manufacturing business
  • integrate data sources and silos for a single source of truth
  • track business-critical KPIs on visual, easy-to-read, customizable dashboards
  • compare sales performance against operating costs and budget

EDA and Epicor ERP 10 for sales

  • accurate and comprehensive sales data in a single location
  • discover sales trends with broad, deep picture of your sales performance
  • analyze sales performance by sales rep, account, product, geography, etc.
  • accurately predict sales and demand
  • create targeted promotions based on customer buying habits
  • identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities 

EDA and Epicor ERP 10 for inventory and purchasing

  • enhance productivity of inventory by improving tracking of inventory mix
  • maximize purchasing effectiveness
  • monitor and assess vendor performance
  • track progress of shipments
  • improve efficiencies across production, inventory, purchasing and logistics
  • manage supplier discounts
  • better manage pricing specials and overstocks

EDA and Epicor ERP 10 for finance

  • manage cash flow with better insights
  • track receivables and payables by location and geography
  • broader view of customer pay cycles and terms
  • track expenses and transactions by branch, employee and customer
  • manage discounts and rebates
  • drill-down capability in to categorized accounts and transactions inside income statement and balance sheet
  • profit and loss, balance sheet analysis and reports on the fly