Microsoft Excel + Phocas

Business intelligence for Excel

Excel is a brilliant business intelligence tool. Like the majority, here at Phocas we use Excel every day. But it’s not great as the business intelligence platform for your business.

Excel is great for power users to uncover a fixed set of data but it is not dynamic. It’s prone to error and it sits on peoples’ hard drives. Phocas is the opposite. See how Phocas and Excel compare on the data analytics stakes.

I introduced Phocas to Philips Healthcare and we're loving it. It's easy-to-use and we now realize the power of having such a tool to run our business with. At management meetings, we were using Excel spreadsheets - where we used to go away and run another report to get the answer. Now we just pull up Phocas and drill into it and come to a solution. Phocas make us much more efficient.
Alex McQuillan - national sales manager
Philips Electronics Australia