Data analytics in food and beverage industry

A data-driven culture will eat strategy for breakfast

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An intuitive system that drives success

Food and beverage professionals waste valuable time with cumbersome spreadsheets and inaccurate, static reports. With a dynamic, user-friendly source of truth that feeds off your ERP and other data sources, you can give sellers and stakeholders instant access to inventory, sales and business intelligence.

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Phocas helped us land a major new account
The reporting power of Phocas helped Abcoe win a large customer by showing them real-time sales across multi-sites and products.
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Phocas benefits for the food and beverage industry

Deliver business value You can’t scale when data access and context are limited. Become a food or beverage business where people understand the data that matters to individual and team performance.
Grow profits Phocas enables teams to uncover revenue and cost-saving opportunities, helping you sell smarter, retain customers and drive sustainable business growth.
Speed up decision-making Make decisions faster and more effectively on product lines, sales, teams, margins, variance and more with a simple, centralized data hub.
DIY queries

Phocas lets you see your business data in formats that work for growth

With Phocas, simple implementation and training means less time to self-sufficiency for your employees. You get the flexibility to look at key business data in ways that help you drill down from high-level trends to granular insights.

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Accountable salespeople

Empower your salespeople to drive growth

Keep sales teams accountable by making both individual and team performance visible and transparent. Sales will find more leads and opportunities to upsell and cross-sell — and revealing sales trends in Phocas' dashboards will impress and enrich customer relationships.

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Focus on profitability

Cut out the data noise to get true insights

See overviews of KPIs on live dashboards: profit, overhead/fixed cost analysis, break-even points, cost efficiencies, stock and debtor balance trends. Planning and forecasting improves with data at your fingertips and enhances your ability to weather market ups and downs, seasonal fluctuations, changes with customers and channels.

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Food and beverage businesses rate Phocas


Phocas is simple and intuitive, because if you have the time to sit and spend with it, you can work out exactly what is going on.

Priyan Dhutia

Operations director, B.I. Europe Ltd (Harrisons Sauces)

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Understand the past, operate better today, and plan well for the future

Whether you want to get your data organized for your team or you’re looking to combine data analytics capabilities with financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and planning… We can guide you. Let’s see if we can help.

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