Plumbing industry and HVAC statistics

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Can data analytics help you stand out?

HVAC and plumbing is dependent on the condition of the construction industry — when housing starts are on the rise, data analysis will allow you to have full visibility into your operations so you can service customers well. When the sector is slower and there is demand for repair work only, your earned customer loyalty will prevail.

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30% sales growth over last year
Crescent Parts used other BI tools but the team didn’t get to a level to impact the business. Phocas is different.
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Phocas solves for plumbing and HVAC partners

Stock optimization Phocas provides a blended, joined view, of product, market, budget data to create a seamless sales and business intelligence experience.
Data-powered conversations Impress customers with a deep understanding of all their key numbers. Make customer meetings more productive and use data to help drive their success.
Maximized savings Phocas measures labor, overheads and materials to accurately analyze data, reduce costs and improve business and sales efficiencies.
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Run your own queries

An intuitive design that works for users

Answer foundational questions about customer buying habits by reviewing data according to need such as region, product class or season, all in a simple, user-friendly format.

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Interconnect all data

Dashboards built for customer insights

All dashboards can include links to every customer — click on any ID and you can then view a dashboard of location, rep, branch sales to quickly get deep context into customer status and relationship.

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Improve margins

Smart modules for financial reporting

Improve your margins by examining all your data to understand what customers buy, when they buy it and what cyclical trends impact your top line.

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Hundreds of plumbing and HVAC users share the love


It’s one of the better tools that I’ve seen. It has so much flexibility and allows you to do so many different things with your data

Nick Deccio

Controller Custom Parts and Equipments, Crescent Parts and Equipment


Data driven decisions are important, and having the data be so easily accessible is the only way to get people to start to change their culture towards that.

Robert Wright

Senior Application Developer and Analyst, Behler-Young


Phocas is so flexible that we can see everything exactly how we want to see it.

Tim Janes

Operations Specialist, Johnstone Supply - Kenilworth Group


You can see things a lot more frequently and it is really bringing issues to the forefront, rather than they may have been missed prior to having Phocas.

Clint Agee & David Vollenweider

National Sales Company

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See it to believe it Customers are blown away when they first see what's possible with Phocas. Why don't you take some time to tell us about your data challenges and let's see if we can help.
Helpful advice We have grown up with businesses that make, move and sell products and have a lot of data. Our consultants aim to be trusted advisors who can give you data management options.
What it takes to get Phocas Even if your data is a mess, you think you’ve got it licked with Excel, it’s in your too hard basket or someday maybe list. Carve out 30 minutes to learn what it takes to bolt a best of breed BI software on and learn what you stand to gain.