Phocas Powering Finance

Create visibility and shared goals with customizable data visualization


Manage company-wide intelligence and access with ease

Go from high level overviews to granular site-specific P&L’s with flexible reporting, built to meet your needs. With our easy-to-use financial business intelligence solution, you can ensure that you (and your team) have access to critical data for everyday decisions.

It started with automating low margin sales
ProChem now analyzes all of its data. It has databases in Phocas for finance, sales, purchasing and stock.
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Phocas benefits for finance and accounting

Slice and dice data Create data views that help you power critical company decisions, with customizable dashboards built to serve your specific business model
Create a unified vision Create controlled visibility for your entire team, and decide which information should be shared to help create a singular view of company success
Work within your stack By layering directly onto your existing ERP, Phocas can integrate with existing datastreams, allowing for ease of use and providing certainty that the data is accurate and up-to-date

Manage data across departments with ease

Our penetrative data solution allows you to easily view information - from sales, to marketing, to purchasing - to get a real-time, full-funnel view of company performance.

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Efficient Reporting

Simplify reporting on both-sides with quick access to data

Streamline access to information to people on the ground from branch managers and regional heads, while giving them a clear understanding of performance expectations and up-to-date KPIs.

Actionable Intelligence

Real-time data powering pivotal decisions

Your critical business decisions rely on pinpoint data accuracy, and data that’s even a few days old can lead to inaccuracy. Get the real-time data you need to power your business growth.

Finance managers like Phocas

Using Phocas makes me feel like I am in control of the performance of our business because we can really harness sales opportunities across a vast array of branches and products.

Gavin Porter

CFO, Porters Mitre 10 Mackay

Phocas drives the sales process. It identifies products that aren’t moving and where we’re not performing in different areas.

Peter Liersch

Finance and IT Manager, JAS Oceania - Automotive - Pronto ERP

Phocas allows us to report and dashboard KPIs within our organization, and also allows us to make decisions quite easily by getting to the source of the data very quickly.

Ingrid Vanlangenberg

Finance project manager, Whiting Holdings

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Is Phocas a match for your finance goals?

Control your data Manage data access and visibility with ease, without compromising on quality or flexibility!
Unify your team See how Phocas can allow you to create a shared sense of truth and direction, and ensure that all teams are working towards the same growth goals.
Leverage your datasets Finance leaders frequently tell us that they know there is data that is going underutilized - see how Phocas allows you to fully leverage data within your ERP.