Phocas for Inventory Management

Revolutionize your inventory management with real-time decision-making


Make inventory decisions with actionable data

Accurate data lives at the heart of inventory management, and with Phocas, inventory managers can feel confident in their data and decisions. Our inventory management system helps you identify trends in advance, avoid dead-stock issues and provides controllable visibility to your team.

Know the impact of discounting on profitability
Understanding the numbers is important for Blackman Plumbing from both a strategic and tactical perspective.
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Phocas benefits for inventory managers

A scalable solution Your business is growing, and you need a tool that can grow with you. Our flexible solution can help replace or revive your outdated or homegrown systems to provide the actionable data you need.
Avoid critical errors Issues like deadstock, mismanaged supply and wasted inventory can slow your organization to a crawl. To evade these costly mistakes, you need a tool that can help you anticipate and adapt to inventory trends.
Provide easy insight Minimize time spent reporting and communicating to other departments with flexible, easy-to-use dashboards. Ensure your team has the visibility they need, while carefully managing individual data access.
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Make Decisions

Feel confident in your decisions with data to back you up

Inventory is all about the data. What’s moving and what isn’t, tracking seasonal or cyclic trends and consistently meeting market demands - all rely on powerful data solutions.

ERP Integration

Work within your existing system to solve problems

By layering Phocas on top of your existing ERP, you can easily manage data and fill knowledge gaps without fighting against your own tech-stack.

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Inventory managers share their tips


It’s a very intuitive tool, it’s very easy to use. It will save you an immense amount of time.

Paul Arrowsmith

Buying Director, Wilton Bradley Ltd


Phocas is so flexible that we can see everything exactly how we want to see it

Tim Janes

Operations Specialist, Johnstone Supply - Kenilworth Group


We’re 20% into what we can get out of Phocas, but it’s already given us an 80% return.

Michael Smith

Director of operations, Johnston Companies

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See how inventory management has never been easier

Visibility. Flexibility. Sustainability. With our powerful data visualization tools, you can easily get the visibility you need, built around your specific business goals, power your growth for years to come.
Never get caught off guard Get peace of mind and feel confident in your ability to identify and avoid dead-stock and supply issues.
Integrate with your ERP Our solutions layers seamlessly on top of your existing ERP, allowing you the depth of intelligence you need, without having to change your existing systems.