Purchasing with Phocas

Simplify ERP data and maximize profit with clear visibility


Manage company growth by making smart purchasing decisions

From providing easy access to information across your team to quickly evaluating inventory data, you rely on clear, accurate intelligence to guide your purchasing strategy. With our powerful data analysis and visualization tool, you can cut down on reporting time, improve decision making and achieve scalable growth.

Unified metrics drive shared goals
USESI’s purchasing manager uses Phocas to turn data into results to execute faster.
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Phocas benefits for purchasing managers

Report accurately Sales ledgers, executive reports, inventory summaries - all simplified with powerful data visualization tools
Manage inventory Avoid crippling issues like deadstock with actionable intelligence, provided in real-time
Decide with confidence With fast, accurate business intelligence tools that layer on top of your ERP, you can feel confident in your decisions
Customizable Dashboards

With flexible data views, you decide how to consume the information

Our easy-to-use solution allows you to go from high level overviews to granular, location specific data with ease.

Inventory Control

Finally, a solution built with purchasing in mind

Phocas allows purchasing teams to control costs and improve supplier relationship. Ensure you’re meeting supply and demand without wasting space or money.
Simplified Reporting

Provide fast, accurate reporting to other department leaders

Everyone relies on you for fast, accurate data, but those reports take time to pull. With our data visualization tools, you can provide everyone from sales to executives with accurate data in real-time.

Purchasing get the price right with Phocas


It’s a very intuitive tool, it’s very easy to use. It will save you an immense amount of time.

Paul Arrowsmith

Buying Director, Wilton Bradley Ltd


It helps us drill down to quite detailed levels. We use the data out of Phocas both strategically and tactically to make decisions

Vinod Devarapalli

Commercial administration manager, ICU Medical


Phocas is simple and intuitive, because if you have the time to sit and spend with it, you can work out exactly what is going on.

Priyan Dhutia

Operations director, B.I. Europe Ltd (Harrisons Sauces)


Phocas is so flexible that we can see everything exactly how we want to see it

Tim Janes

Operations Specialist, Johnstone Supply NJ

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Is Phocas a match for your purchasing goals?

Reduce wasted time Stop wasting manual hours with reporting and data management, and invest that time into driving your business forward
Don’t compromise Other data solutions require you to manage complex systems, or limit your visibility! Get the simplified solution you want with the penetrative insights you need
Feel good about data Find peace of mind and confidence in your data! With data visualization built for you needs, you can finally feel good about using data.