[VIDEO] Do You Know Your Customers - Business Intelligence for NetSuite

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[VIDEO] Do You Know Your Customers - Business Intelligence for NetSuite

Knowing your customers is the key to knowing your business. All organizations capture a huge amount of customer data but making sense of it can be the difference between success and failure.

Given the time pressures faced by modern professionals, being able to know your customers must be easy, fast, flexible and dynamic.

Business intelligence software can quickly and simply allow you to measure customer performance (actual vs budget), customer expenditure (comparisons between periods) and compare profit margins across your customer base.

With this information, your business can make data-driven decisions to assess:

  • How you should service profitable and unprofitable accounts?
  • Whether the team are aware they are spending too much or too little time with a customer? Is the problem quantified?
  • Were these always problem accounts, or were they profitable in the past? If so, when?

To see this in action, watch our six minute video below - Do You Know Your Customer? know-your-customers-netsuite-business-intelligence-software


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