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Phocas Rebates launches

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Phocas Rebates launches

We are excited to launch Phocas Rebates, a new solution that brings visibility, accuracy, efficiency and control to your rebates program.

Phocas Rebates provides a central point to create and manage all of your payable or receivable rebates.

In industries where margins are tight, you need to account for every dollar in your rebates program, and visibility and accuracy is critical. This is a solution that brings order to your rebates and certainty to your bottom line.

Traditionally, Rebates can be complex to set up and difficult to track. Spreadsheet-based methods used by many businesses are laborious and they leave lots of room for costly error. We’ve developed the Rebates solution to make this easier, regardless of where your business sits in the supply chain.

Phocas Rebates removes a real pain point for commercial and finance teams by bringing order to rebate rules, with everything visible in the one place, in real time, from one source of data. It works by allowing the user to enter some simple rules applied to transactional data in a Phocas sales or purchasing database.

If you are an existing Phocas customer, the Phocas Rebates solution can easily bolt on to your Phocas setup. If not we can set up a Phocas sales or purchasing database for you to get you started.

Myles Glashier, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Phocas, said

This solution is a lifeline for businesses with a rebates component. We see companies using Phocas Rebates uncovering, sometimes for the first time, the true margin that they’re making. We’re always striving for new ways to use data analytics solutions help improve decision-making and planning, and Rebates does this by uncovering and integrating information that is often hidden away in spreadsheets. You can be more strategic in your sales, purchasing and negotiating behavior with Rebates.

Suppliers who pay rebates appreciate the accuracy and visibility that Phocas Rebates provides. You can see instantly how much you currently pay, and what you might pay next month, quarter or year. This gives you real negotiating power because with this level of visibility, you can incentivize buyers knowing you aren’t giving away too much, and adjust your rebate brackets to work within your budget.

If you’re a wholesale distributor focused on keeping stock moving and margins up, it’s easy to miss income when you don’t have time to track monies owed.

Phocas Rebates makes it very easy to see at any given time what rebates you are owed and their value. The data is straight out of your purchasing database so you see actual data in real time. This visibility helps you answer questions like ‘How can I maximize my rebates without spending too much?’

The flexibility of Phocas Rebates means you can set up just about any rebate rule you might need, from a really simple rebates rule to the most complex rules.

It’s easy to apply a volume or percentage based rebate, or a combination of the two. You can base rebates on sales or growth or set a simple 'marketing contribution. Plan more accurately by forecasting which level of rebate you are likely to pay or receive. Inclusions and exclusions are handled simply and accurately.

This solution complements Phocas Business Intelligence software. If you are an existing Phocas customer, this Rebates solution can easily bolt on to your Phocas setup. If not we can set up a Phocas sales or purchasing database for you and you can use it alongside your existing BI solution.

Teaming Phocas Rebates with a Phocas analysis database brings the full power of Phocas BI to your solution consolidating rebates with business analysis.

Slice and dice, uncover opportunities and share the results. Negotiate more strategically to maximize financial gain.

At Phocas we understand rebates and we really know the needs of the industries within our customer base. With the Phocas Rebates solution we’ve pulled this knowledge together and develop a flexible and easy to use solution that not only takes away the pain of managing rebates but also increases their visibility to the business. We empower your business by helping you take the information you already have and use it to understand and improve your bottom line.