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NetSuite Focuses on a ‘Sweet’ App Called Phocas.

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NetSuite Focuses on a ‘Sweet’ App Called Phocas.

I know the title is a bit wordy and obviously a play on words so let’s break this down. NetSuite have an ecosystem of 3rd party providers for their ERP system listed on their app store called SuiteApp.com. These apps extend NetSuite for your business and industry needs.sweet_app

Each month they focus on some of the most innovative cloud applications that fully integrate with NetSuite. And this month, they have chosen to highlight (or focus on) an award winning business intelligence application called Phocas Software. In the words of the younger generation, Phocas is a “sweet app.”

For the month of May NetSuite customers across Asia Pacific have the opportunity to take their reporting and analytics to a whole new level. In a matter of minutes they can be up and running with a 30 day trial of an award winning BI tool - using your own data!

It’s as simple as pushing the button and everything else will be done for you. It’s that easy.

Phocas Software will be in San Jose next this week with a stand (#331) at SuiteWorld 2015, where we will be speaking with businesses and showing them how they can achieve true data discovery. Point-and-click follow your train of thought analysis with your NetSuite data enabling you to get answers instantly to your questions.


No waiting for IT or Finance to build you a custom report. Your ad-hoc queries can be answered in a self-serve fashion, instantly. One of the biggest challenges most businesses face with reporting is that they often have to rely on someone else to get them the data. Often they are looking for answers to simple questions like who is buying hammers but not the nails? Or, which customers are spending less this quarter, or worse stopped buying altogether?

Following a conversation with the head of finance at one of our customer sites, I wrote a blog “Don’t bother me, get it yourself”. Now he didn’t actually say that, however it was what he was thinking but he was too polite (or professional) to say that. However, it is a big bug bear for the person who has to generate these reports just the same as it is for the person who has to wait. In this situation no one wins and both parties are frustrated. If only you could just get it yourself.

So back to this cool, ‘sweet app’ on the SuiteApp.com site, it’s called Phocas and it makes it easy for businesses using NetSuite to focus on their business and gain greater insight from the information they already have. So, if you going to SuiteWorld or not, either way I encourage you to give Phocas a try and see what your data looks like through an award wining, easy to use data analytics interface.

So head on over the SuiteApp.com and click on Phocas Business Intelligence to start your free trial today.

For more information about Phocas Business Intelligence for NetSuite click here.