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Mobile BI dashboards help ICU Medical change decision-making process

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ICU Medical

ICU Medical has thousands of products in its portfolio so turned to industry-specific business intelligence software to track its business performance. Creating mobile BI dashboards has significantly changed the way ICU do business because now everyone has access to accurate real-time data; decision-making is the responsibility of all.

Vinod Devarapalli is the commercial administration manager at ICU, so one of his core responsibilities is maintaining and measuring the company’s profitability. He does this by setting a competitive pricing strategy and constantly running margin analysis across all product lines.

Vinod relies on the business intelligence platform to consolidate all the data from the ERP and other data sources so he can support the whole team with real-time reports and dashboards measuring set KPIs.

“I love dashboards and building databases in the designer module of Phocas. I use them everyday and so does the senior executive team, to understand how the business is tracking,”explains Devarapalli.

ICU has created dashboards for:

  1. declining customers
  2. organic growing customers
  3. high profitability customers
  4. low margin customers
  5. pricing analysis

By using business intelligence software, ICU now uses its data to make strategic and tactical decisions. The access to consolidated data allows more people in the business to step-up.

“Mobile BI dashboards help the sales team and the regional sales team to make quick decisions on the go rather than having a boardroom meeting and pulling the information out so we can check with the finance team. 

“Access to accurate data has significantly changed the way we do business. Decision-making is not a one-person dependent role anymore. People can refer to Phocas on their laptops, iPhones, iPads anywhere they go. They have access to their data and the confidence to make accurate decisions,”says Devarapalli.

ICU Medical
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