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Unify business intelligence to drive sales and marketing efforts toward a shared goal.

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Data gets things going to plan

Use our data analytics solutions to get unprecedented insight into ERP data to set targets and craft business strategies. Address concerns and prepare for issues proactively using straightforward data findings to guide you.

Data helps us work smarter not harder
Midway Dental attributes its exceptional growth to using data-backed sales strategies that provide direction on where to productively invest their time.
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Helping key industries plan for success

Manufacturing Do you have the resources to reach your production goals? The smarter you can plan, the faster you can respond to issues and keep operations running smoothly.
Distribution Better insight into the quantities and lines to order leads ensures you have the right items in stock, helping you maximize customer satisfaction.
Retail Optimize product assortment and store layout, gear pricing and promotions, cross-sell and upsell and move discounted stock using information previously hidden away.

Systematic, proactive analysis

Phocas makes it simple for your users of all skill levels to review metrics, find actionable insights and determine the best course of action for your customers and your company.

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Common language

Data that tells a story

Data can be the common language of your business — and Phocas is the engine that steers the conversation. Fully customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities consistently lead to the discovery of new opportunities that underpin execution plans and drive success.

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Clear opportunities. Mitigated risk

Your ability to seize opportunities and manage change hinges on the quality of information available to you and your team. Quickly identifying underlying issues means you can act immediately. And flexible, real-time reporting and tracking keeps output and results aligned with your longer-term strategic plan.

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Hundreds of business strategists share the love


Using Phocas makes me feel like I am completely in control of what’s going on and the amount of knowledge that I can easily gain with a few clicks is just absolutely phenomenal.

Nicola Harris

Financial analyst, ConvaTec


It helps us drill down to quite detailed levels. We use the data out of Phocas both strategically and tactically to make decisions. It helps the sales team and the regional sales managers to make those decisions on the go.

Vinod Devarapalli

Commercial administration manager, ICU Medical


Phocas allows us to report and dashboard KPIs within our organisation, and also allows us to make decisions quite easily by getting to the source of the data very quickly

Ingrid Vanlangenberg

Finance project manager, Whiting Holdings


It’s one of the better tools that I’ve seen. It has so much flexibility and allows you to do so many different things with your data.

Nick Deccio

Controller Custom Parts and Equipments, Crescent Parts and Equipment

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See it to believe it Customers say when they saw what was possible and how easy it is to get started with Phocas, they were blown away. Take some time to tell us more about what your business needs and we’ll see if we can help.
Helpful advice We have grown up with businesses that make, move and sell products and have a lot of data. Our consultants aim to explain your options as a trusted advisor in this data heavy space.
What it takes to get Phocas Even if your data is a mess, you think you’ve got it licked with Excel, it’s in your too hard basket or someday maybe list. Carve out 30 minutes to learn what it takes to bolt a best of breed BI software on and learn what you stand to gain.