Create a forecast

1:23 min
This video shows how to convert a budget into a forecast. It is suitable for users who have permission to manage budgets and forecasts.

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Dan Harrison
Presented by Dan Harrison
Chartered Accountant and industry expert
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Explore the forecast workbook

Explore the forecast workbook

This video gives an overview of the key elements of a forecast workbook, including how to save time using the ‘spread’ feature.
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Create a sales budget with multiple drivers

Create a sales budget with multiple drivers

Dan demonstrates how to create a Sales budget using multiple measures for driver-based budgeting. In this example, Dan brings in quantity, price and margin as additional values and uses them to calculate cost of sales, as well as adding working and reference lines to help drive the budget.
3:35 min
Introduction to headcount driver

Introduction to headcount driver

In this end-to-end overview of Budgeting and Forecasting's headcount driver Dan takes us through importing employee data, adding new hires, adjusting remuneration and allocating benefit plans for the period - all inputs which help drive salaries and wages in the main budget tab. He also shows how useful the headcount ‘Output’ is when budgeting variable workforce-related costs.
5:45 min
Create a benefits plan using headcount driver

Create a benefits plan using headcount driver

In this video Jordena uses Headcount driver to create employee benefit plans and bring them into a budget. Jordena shows how to create benefits based on percent of remuneration, headcount or FTE, allocate the benefits plans and review the output within the overall budget.
3:09 min
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