Design your own database

4:34 min
Learn how to design a new database using our Designer tool. In this video for administrators Tim steps you through connecting to your data source and using drag and drop to map and customize the data. Watch the database build and open straight away in Phocas, ready to start your analysis.

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Tim Leonard
Presented by Tim Leonard
Head of Design
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Easy budget upload

Easy budget upload

In this video for administrators Tim shows how to import budget data in Designer without the need for complex prep work.
1:35 min
Manage dashboards

Manage dashboards

In this video for administrators Tina shows how to manage dashboards within a database. Learn how to share dashboards via folders, rename and delete dashboards and, if your site has this feature enabled, manage externally shared dashboards.
3:58 min
Bulk update users

Bulk update users

Learn how to save time by applying settings, permissions and database restrictions to multiple users at once using Bulk Update. This is often the next step after importing users.

3:37 min
Home page at a glance

Home page at a glance

Learn how to make the most of your home page - the starting point to easily find databases, dashboards, favorites and recents.
1:50 min
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