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    Phocas celebrates 1000 customers on cloud solution

    Businesses seek tools to analyze data for improved decision making, and increasingly, they want to leverage cloud solutions to optimize operational efficiency. Phocas cloud data analytics is the combination of these two services. Phocas launched the cloud solution in 2016, and three years later, we have our 1000th software as a service (SaaS) customer. To celebrate this milestone, we outline some key benefits of using cloud data analytics.

    Fast implementation and integration

    The Phocas cloud platform is fully maintained and supported by Phocas. It is automated and ready-to-use and has less implementation time, typically a matter of weeks at Phocas. We now also offer cloud implementation for cloud-based ERPs such as NetSuite, MYOB Advanced and Pronto, which will reduce set-up further. Phocas’ platform has quick data integration and is designed to support a range of data sources. We offer APIs for cloud-based CRM, foot traffic and eCommerce platforms to seamlessly sync into Phocas.

    Peace of mind

    Businesses who have migrated to the Phocas cloud solution can use their data insights to concentrate on their core business. Utilizing the cloud removes the hassle of maintaining hardware and upgrading software and is cost effective.

    Latest technology

    The Phocas cloud is an established solution for data analytics and leverages the connections of its global partners to invest in the latest technology and continually improve the offering. Our current platform ensures Phocas’ software can enable machine learning and AI so we can deliver better outcomes for our customers.

    Accessible anywhere

    Because the software is hosted in the cloud and accessible via all web browsers, users can conveniently view their data on mobile devices all over the world. The Phocas solution gives users access to real-time data so they can conduct their business anywhere.

    High security

    While professionals initially had concerns about the security of the cloud, most vendors have proven this is not an issue. Phocas invests heavily in the security of its service and provides a much higher level of protection than a business could give itself. We work with global leaders such as RackSpace, AWS and Armor to ensure we operate efficiently, and our platform has 24/7 monitoring.

    Automatic upgrades of new features

    Cloud customers benefit from the automatic upgrades of the software which are added monthly. All the new features and adjustments can be accessed on our release notes site.

    For example, a recent addition is the flex dashboard feature, which allows users to resize and reposition widgets for a customized visual layout.

    For a free consultation about Phocas cloud data analytics for your business, contact us today.

    Written by Katrina Walter
    Katrina researches, writes and edits the Phocas blog. She explains how data can work for business people without all the tech jargon. She is always on the hunt for great customer data stories.
    Katrina researches, writes and edits the Phocas blog. She explains how data can work for business people without all the tech jargon. She is always on the hunt for great customer data stories.

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