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Platform CO2 emissions down 68% in first year as a B Corp

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Platform CO2 emissions down 68% in first year as a B Corp

Phocas leads the charge towards a more equitable and sustainable future during its first year as a B Corp, setting the bar high for tech companies globally. 

As a B Corp-certified business, Phocas is a part of a global group of companies that meet high standards across the areas of Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. 

The business planning and analytics software developer has made ongoing progress in two specific areas recognised by B Corp. First, Phocas continues to outperform in Workers by shrinking its overall gender pay gap to 3% based on total remuneration. Second, is in Environment, the company has achieved impressive results through the provision of eco-friendly data networks resulting in a 68% reduction in the platform’s monthly carbon emissions. 

Myles Glashier, co-founder and CEO of Phocas, emphasises the crucial role of people in running a successful business, making their financial security and wellbeing a priority. 

“Gender pay parity is an important area at Phocas, with ongoing reviews to ensure equal pay for equal work, factoring in experience and qualifications.” 

“The current Phocas pay equity status this financial year sits at 97%, with a 3% gap for total remuneration. This far exceeds other Australian professional and technology companies of a similar size (250-499 employees) at 81% (19% gap) or for the broader Australian norm at 77% (23% gap) based on WGEA Gender Equality Statistics),” said Glashier. 

As a tech business, the Phocas carbon footprint is determined by its platform management. Being global with customers across many countries, the company must maintain multiple compute clouds to ensure data sovereignty and optimal performance. Despite facing challenges in regions with limited renewable energy options, Phocas has successfully secured 88% renewable energy to power its network, compute and storage.  

In collaboration with partner AWS, Phocas has reduced its platform and R&D carbon dioxide emissions by 68% per month, decreasing from 4.385 to 1.388 metric tonnes. This achievement resulted from migrating subsidiary and R&D workloads to locations with lower carbon footprints and a greater reliance on contracted renewable energy sources.

“We continually review all our platform infrastructure to ensure clean, fast and safe outcomes for our customers,” said Glashier. 

Phocas also successfully transitioned its operations from a regional focus to a global one during the year, and this organisational change has strengthened its commitment to all people and the planet.