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    Phocas reinforces SAP Business One relationship with new accreditation

    Phocas Software is now an accredited partner of the American SAP Users’ Group (ASUG), emphasizing the commitment between the two companies. ASUG is the largest user group in the world which business people rely on to vet products and services to use SAP technology to its full potential.

    Taking the leap into data analytics

    The partnership will allow SAP Business One ERP users to better understand how Phocas data analytics works with their ERP system and the many way users can turn raw data into actionable insights. Using the ASUG webcast platform, Phocas will host a series of information sessions that aim to introduce the data analytics solution to more SAP Business One ERP users. The next session is about the integration of SAP Business One ERP with Phocas data analytics, and explains how data is transferred from one system to to the other, what pre-built content is included and when users can expect to see a return on investment.

    SAP Business One plus Phocas data analytics

    For many organizations, SAP Business One is the backbone of their businesses, helping to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and serve as the central collection for valuable business data. Utilising the two systems in tandem provides many added benefits for sales, inventory and purchasing, finance and management functions.
    With Phocas, Business One users can:
    • Easily access ERP data from anywhere and on any device.
    • Create business and process efficiency by using a single intuitive interface. With out-of-the-box integration, users can quickly access all their SAP Business One, CRM and spreadsheet data, finding new sales opportunities and uncovering potential threats.
    • Access user-created dynamic dashboards and scorecards with the drill-down capability to quickly answer questions, find trends and improve decision making.
    • Point and click on ERP data to dig deeper into underlying information to spot key insights.

    “Improving access to data for analysis and decision making is where Phocas is helping dozens of current SAP Business One users. We look forward to sharing with ASUG members how Phocas can help them maximize their investment in Business One,” explains Myles Glashier, Co-Founder and COO, Phocas Software.

    Learn from other businesses already harnessing their data insights 

    Phocas is already a trusted data analytics solution for dozens of Business One customers, and as an ASUG accredited partner, Phocas would like to welcome more Business One users to try the easy-to-use-solution.

    Through ASUG, Phocas will connect customers already using Phocas to share their experiences using the software and provide industry-specific tips.  From time to time, customers explain how Phocas works across their businesses. In this video,  general managers from Ardex and ICCONS outline its capabilities.

    If you’d like more information about data analytics for SAP Business One users, download this e-book or click the button below.

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    Written by Phocas Software
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    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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