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Business Intelligence Software for SAP Business One (B1) ERP

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Business Intelligence Software for SAP Business One (B1) ERP

SAP Business One (B1) is an excellent ERP solution for many businesses. According to Top 10 ERP, SAP B1 “integrates all core business functions across your entire company, including financials, sales, customer relationship management, operations, and inventory”.

While SAP B1 offers many benefits to a company, accessing the data you need within the application can be challenging. It often requires someone with technical skills to fetch the data for you which can be time consuming, especially when you find that the information you received is not what you asked for. In the process, you have to go back and make the same request again.

There are other limitations with SAP B1.

SAP B1 limitations

According to ERP Consultant Nick Mutt, SAP B1 is not a web-enabled system as it provides remote access through Citrix. This can create many challenges for a business executive or manager who is regularly out of the office and wants to access their information quickly and simply.

In addition, the IT Toolbox assert that reports in SAP B1 are more of an on screen inquiry and may not be what many users desire.

Finally, Computing.co.uk state that “SAP's Business One (B1) can be too complex for SMEs without in-house IT support”.

Make SAP B1 go from good to great

Your business has likely spent a significant amount of time and money integrating SAP B1 into your processes and your company. Phocas Software, a leading business intelligence solution can help you find key insights hidden in SAP B1 so you can make data driven decisions. With Phocas, you can:

  • Easily access your data – Phocas gives you incredibly easy access to your data from just about any device using its award winning Mobile BI platform.
  • Create business and process efficiency - Access all your SAP B1, CRM & spread sheet data using a single intuitive interface. With out-of-the-box integration, you can be up and running in days and finding new sales opportunities or uncovering potential threats almost immediately.
  • Dashboards & Scorecards – access user created dynamic dashboards and scorecards with drill through capability to answer questions fast
  • Point and click on your data - with Phocas, you'll have quick and efficient access to point and click on your SAP B1 data. Phocas gives you simple ways to view your data like never before.

What SAP B1 customers say about Phocas

In a recent blog, we spoke to staff members at ICCONS, an exciting new Australasian wholesaler that uses SAP B1 with Phocas. Here’s what they had to say:

“Before Phocas, we were using SAP B1 to generate reports. It took quite a bit of time. We brought in Phocas and reporting has been instant. The ability to use Phocas on your mobile phone has been great. It makes things much easier to track”, National Sales Support Manager, Theo Hatzis.

“I’ve worked closely with Phocas as I manage the computer systems here at ICCONS. In terms of setting up the implementation with SAP Business One, it was very easy. Phocas support was on hand to help us out. The time saving with Phocas is a big winner. You just can’t compare – we use to have to export data into Excel and manually alter that and now you can get the same result from clicking a mouse button”, Operations/IT Specialist - Jason Davis.

In the below video, see how easy analyzing data from SAP Business One can be with Phocas.