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Business intelligence for Kerridge

Join over 200 businesses in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail benefitting from using Phocas for business visibility to enhance performance. Phocas integrates directly with Kerridge Commercial Systems, K8 LV and MAM, allowing users to streamline their business processes and drive growth and opportunity throughout their operations.

Analytics for Kerridge:
  • Kerridge K8
  • Kerridge K8 LV
  • MAM

Phocas benefits for Kerridge users

Fast Being fast means you can use it every day to change the way you lead, plan and sell. Reporting and ad hoc queries deliver immediate results. Modern business leaders get up and running quickly - running their own analysis and reporting in a matter of hours. No need to work in spreadsheets or ask the expert for help.
Flexible Phocas users improve decision making and collaborate more efficiently with sales, purchasing, finance, marketing, IT and the executive team. With an easy-to-use, flexible toolkit, Phocas presents accurate, accessible data streams, so everyone can leverage the same unified source of truth.
Friendly Ease of use is our strong suit. Phocas was built from the ground up with ease of use in mind, to enable business leaders access to their data without any extra hassle. With our toolkit, you can easily access data from the top level down to the ground floor, and manage data visibility and access for every other member of your team.
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Data is a business asset

Put your essential data in one place

In manufacturing, distribution and retail where complexity reigns the problem is: the data is often distributed across ERP, CRM and financial systems making it difficult for your decision makers to actually make fluid data-driven decisions. Phocas has served customer-centric and product-centric businesses like yours for 19 years. It brings critical data together and structures it in a user-friendly interface which becomes a central source of truth for non-technical people across all departments.

A perfect match

Out-of-the-box solution for Kerridge

  • Simple to use
  • Cloud-based, secure platform
  • Syncs multiple data sources
  • Built-in metrics for key industries
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Custom dashboards and reporting
  • Ability to drill into the data and follow train of thought

Hundreds of Kerridge users share the love


Phocas is simple and intuitive, because if you have the time to sit and spend with it, you can work out exactly what is going on.

Priyan Dhutia

Operations director, B.I. Europe Ltd (Harrisons Sauces)


I’d recommend Phocas for the timesaving and the cost-saving. Whichever way you look there’s a benefit, worth its weight in gold.

Chris Journet

UK Sales Manager, Shaftec Ltd

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