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Advance with financial data

The future of modern financial reporting

Free up the finance team from the grind of static reporting by being able to put critical financial numbers directly into a data analytics environment making it easier to access, analyze and use for reporting.

Learn how finance leaders are using the new solution to configure statements for their entities as well as branches, and departments. Phocas Financial Statements make profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow documents more interactive, allowing users to slice and dice transactional data, track performance and customize reports. And with permissions in place, you can empower users to proactively manage their performance and effectively answer their own questions.

Customize and visualize your financials:

  • dashboards for a snapshot view of performance
  • integrate multiple data sources
  • build live bespoke reports for users
  • make better, faster decisions
  • drill through to transactions for quick data queries without touching the ledger
  • export to Excel with all hierarchies and formulas intact
  • finance leaders govern user access

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