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Automotive data visualization to power every day decisions

Manage business intelligence in the automotive industry easily with our flexible, easy-to-use dashboards built to support automotive business leaders. Manage production lines, power same-day delivery and keep your customers happy with data you can trust.

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Performance is easily tracked
KYB Americas uncovers new opportunities to improve customer service and increase orders with Phocas.
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Business intelligence built for automotive

Sell more Use real-time data to identify sales priorities, improve customer satisfaction and grow revenue
See more Stop struggling with spreadsheets! State of the art dashboards can provide you with the flexible insights you need.
Peace of mind From the top level to the ground floor, our penetrative data tools can help you feel good about data. Finally.
Ease of use

Seriously, everyone can use it

No more Excel hell. Just a clear cut view of your live transactional data that you can drill into to answer your own questions. And useful dashboards to boot!

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Inventory control

Get on top of stock while delighting your customers

Cut through the noise and improve inventory control. Avoid dead-stock by using dashboards to manage everything from spare parts to lubricants, and meet customer demand every day.

Visibility - products, people, place

Strategic decision-making powered by actionable intelligence

See real time customer data to quickly determine sales and inventory priorities without having to invest time in a clunky, complicated interface. See more, sell more.

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Phocas drives the sales process. It identifies products that aren’t moving, where we need to start specialising items and where we’re not performing in different areas.

Peter Liersch

Finance and IT Manager


After having Phocas for 12 months, in the last quarter we were up 46% and Phocas was an important part of addressing our customer needs better.

Ross Ollington

National Sales & Marketing Manager


I’d recommend Phocas for the timesaving and the cost-saving. Whichever way you look there’s a benefit, worth its weight in gold.

Chris Journet

UK Sales Manager

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Understand the past, operate better today, and plan well for the future

Whether you want to get your data organized for your team or you’re looking to combine data analytics capabilities with financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and planning… We can guide you. Let’s see if we can help.

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