Consumer goods data analysis

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Put sales intelligence at your fingertips

Do a virtual ‘walk through’ of any store or distribution center and get a good snapshot of sales. See inventory levels, understand trends and spot opportunities. Customize and monitor KPIs to help sell the right products, optimize stock management and deliver in full on time (DIFOT) to ensure full and appealing product placement across all retail channels.

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Greater data visibility allows proactive responses
The flexibility of reporting allows Baylis & Harding executives to see KPIs at a glance.
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How Phocas serves the consumer goods industry

Empowering sales Phocas gives sales leaders key dashboards that easily drill down through transactional data to find answers that drive impressive revenue results.
Preventing stockouts Track inventory live and mitigate complicated calculations and cumbersome spreadsheets. Make strategic inventory decisions with stock information at your fingertips.
Proactive selling Tricky ERP standing between you and the reports you need? Get interactive reports, build high-quality customer presentations and plan around seasonal fluctuations.
Answer your pressing questions

Getting the right information starts with asking the right questions.

What do we want to learn from our data? From understanding what details to review and track on a consistent basis to measuring the right customer, product and sales intelligence, the key to uncovering business insights is asking the right questions. Phocas makes it easy to establish clear metrics and track them through the consumer goods lifecycle, so you can drive business results.

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Keep DIFOT afloat

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

You might be meeting expectations already. But a deep dive into your data can reveal ways to drive better DIFOT performance and more. Optimizing your stock management means measuring your data to understand what stock you have on hand, as well as the ability to calculate overstock, understock or dead stock.

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Perfect retail BI

Business data tools built for the consumer goods ecosystem

The right consumer goods data analysis solution will match your industry, systems, people and growth plans. You’ll finally have the data to inform product launches, refine marketing promotions, track sales and identify trends and perform margin analysis.

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See what our consumer goods partners have to say


Phocas helps us a lot with our data analytics, it’s fantastic for distributor insights. It helps us with our forecasting as well our historical data and from that we get to make some pretty quick decisions.

Chris Douglas

National Channel Manager, uvex


When we’re trying to pull that amount of data through an ERP system it doesn’t handle it particularly well, whereas if we do it throw it in Phocas it’s very quick for us to twist and turn data.

Terry Fagan

ICT Operations Manager, Hairhouse Warehouse


Given the challenges that we’ve got to deal with in the retail and wholesale markets now, we’ve got to find new ways to sell products and new ways to be able to help the customer and Phocas really helps out.

Wayne Nikolovski

ICT manager, Texas Peak


I use Phocas on a day to day basis to see what trends are happening in sales so I can advise our import and export team.

Laura Colman

General Manager, Splosh Australia

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Understand the past, operate better today, and plan well for the future

Whether you want to get your data organized for your team or you’re looking to combine data analytics capabilities with financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and planning… We can guide you. Let’s see if we can help.

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